When Halloween Meets 32 Weeks and T Swift

Hello my lovely readers! I have a busy week ahead of me and I wanted to stop in real quick and give you an update on my weekend…

32 Week Bump

I hit the 32 week mark on Halloween and wore my pumpkin shirt to celebrate! I also ended up going to the Taylor Swift 1989 concert at the last minute. My BF’s husband had been trying to get tickets and we finally found some that weren’t a bazillion dollars…


In the nosebleeds section, haha. But that’s OK! We were at T Swift and loving it!

Ash and T Swift

My sister in law and niece were also there and about halfway through she text me saying Addy was getting too tired and they were headed out.

Addy at T Swift

They had bomb diggity seats 6 rows up in the lower section and she offered me the seats… ummm, heck yes! And yes, I rocked my pumpkin baby bump at the concert 🙂

Much closer

And to top is all off, another one of my BF’s ended up coming to the show last minute after putting her kids to sleep after trick-or-treating. Now that’s dedication!

Jenn at T Swift

She was dressed as Jessie from Toy Story. It was a warm night and you can see in all my pictures that we had a nice glisten to us, haha. It was a blast and although I think her previous concerts were a tiny bit better, this one was still pretty darn awesome! (Side note: that link also makes me a tiny bit sad, because obviously, I won’t be qualifying. 2020 here I come?!)

Linking up today with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the weekly wrap!

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up?

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  1. How cute your baby bump is in that T-shirt! Wow, you only have a few weeks left! I know you were glad to be able to trade seats halfway through. I so admire Taylor Swift as a role model. So many of these girls go off the rails at some point. She seems to have remained true to herself. I appreciate you linking with us today.

  2. Ha sounds like a great weekend. I love doing things on the whim! You don’t have much longer at all and your little surprise will be here! Enjoy this time, soon your life will be turned upside down but it will be the very best time! Thanks for linking up!

  3. You have such a lovable BF and family. Made a great effort to make you all and kids have a great whole day. Also you have such a cutie baby bump. ^_^

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