I Went Through the Pics on My Phone

I was going through my phone the other day and came across some pictures I’ve been meaning to share… so pretty much this is a photo dump. Just go with it and enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Man, I really miss running here… every time I drive under I think about how great it will be pushing Baby W up and down the “bridge.”ย Upper Tampa Bay TrailSince when did Target start passing out free popcorn to eat while shopping?! They must have known I was coming ๐Ÿ˜‰

Target Popcorn

Swollen feet= compression socks. Add in some Nuun to make sure I’m fully hydrated and I’m good to go!

Nuun Compression Socks

I got HOOKED UP! Large?! More like Extra Large. Score! Pistachio, Pumpkin Latte, Chocolate.

XL LargeI got this huge informative baby book FOR FREE from Publix when I signed up for their Baby Club. I also got a bunch of coupons and samples. If you’re pregnant and live where there’s Publix, sign up!

Publix Free Baby book

Todd participated in the Great American Teach In at my mom’s school this year and was a hit! The kids loved hearing about simulators and how they are like video games, learned the importance of math and science and how there are so many kinds of engineers. I’m proud of him!

Great American Teach In

And last but not least, I was going through and organizing our junk drawers (nesting much?) and found these little ladies… Todd and I’s first ever race bibs. We did theย Race for the Cure in support of my mom who had just been diagnosed and after a mastectomy, is now cancer free!

First Race Numbers

Check out these superstars! Can you tell it was on of our first races? I’m in cheerleading shorts, a cotton shirt and Nike Shocks (the biggest marketing scam of a running shoe ever). We’ve come pretty far since then!

First Race Pics

Linking up today with Erinย for my weekend snapshot,ย Katie for MIMM and theย weeklyย wrap!

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  1. Ooh that ice crew looks fabulous!! I want to try all of those flavors. And popcorn for free at target? No way! I had no idea. Love the first race pic – I also wore a cotton shirt on my first race, funny how things change, right?

  2. I love photo dumps! And seriously, I feel like when I’m visibly pregnant, people give me ALL the food. Now that I’ve started showing, they’re started circling the checkmark on the decaf section on my cups at Starbucks, I guess to make sure the barista does it? Also, nesting is NO joke..

    • Yes! People just shove the food on you… which at times I’m like, bring it on! and others I just want to eat something healthy.

  3. I didn’t know there is such a thing as Pumpkin Latte soft serve ice cream. I probably am better off not having this info. Publix is my favorite grocery store! It is wonderful that your Mom is cancer free. I know the Race For The Cure meant a lot to you and her. I appreciate you linking with us today and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    • Ya that place always has the most creative flavors! I love Publix, too. I actually LIKE going grocery shopping ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, too!!

    • They were marketed as such a great running shoe. Then I walked into an actual running store and they almost laughed… in a nice way, hah

    • I’m so sad that pumpkin stuff will start to fade away as the holiday transitions… good thing I like peppermint!

    • It’s finally cold here and I STILL want ice cream! I’ve only seen the popcorn at one Target, but I hope they start that everywhere!

    • Looks like you need to do a photo dump post, too! Ice cream is made with milk… totally a breakfast food ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. OMG Nike Shocks!! HAHA I had those in high school, and I thought they were the COOLEST shoes ever. Granted I didn’t run in them really, but they are still AWFUL! That photo of you two and the first race is adorable, and free popcorn!? YES.

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