Protein + Nut Butter = Buff Bake

I mentioned a while back how I’m keeping my protein up during pregnancy. I’ve cut back the carbs a bit- which is SO HARD being a pre-preggo crazy runner- and try to add in protein everywhere I can. We all know how much I love nut butters and I’ve always wanted to try the ones with added protein. I finally got my hands on some samples sent from Buff Bake and am IMPRESSED!

Buff Bake Samples

I tried the Snickerdoodle almond spread first, as I’ve read good things about it. It was good, but out of the three, it came in third. Next up, and taking second place is the Chocolate Chip peanut spread. I had to make sure I didn’t set it up for failure and expect it to taste like a Reese’s (which it didn’t) BUT it was really good! It was the perfect amount of chocolate and actually didn’t have a huge peanut butter taste- which isn’t a bad thing. I bought a jar of it and took it to work to drizzle on my oatmeal in the morning and dip my spoon into as an afternoon snack.

Chocolate Chip Buff Bake

First place, by a large margin, is the White Chocolate peanut spread. It was SO GOOD! I made a nut butter shot with it and OF COURSE I had to get all the goodness and opened the package to get every. last. bit.

White Chocolate Buff Bake Nut Butter Shot

I bought the White Chocolate Buff Bake immediately and sadly, it didn’t last long… it’s SO ADDICTING! Like the chocolate one, it wasn’t peanuty tasting and the white chocolate really shined through. I loved this flavor and the texture from the chia and flax was a nice touch.

Buff Bake White Chocolate

Buff Bake just came out with a protein cookie, which I can’t wait to try. I also want to get my hands on their Pumpkin Spice and Red Velvet Protein spreads 🙂 Most of the nutritional stats are the same. Roughly: 200 cals/ 14g fat/ 8g carbs/ 3g sugar/ 11g protein.

Have you tried any of the protein nut butter brands? What did you think?

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    • Whoa there! Almost like nutella?! I’m all about that! Haven’t heard of that company before, I’ll have to check them out. Have you tried any other Buff Bake flavor that you really like that I haven’t tried yet?

  1. Best parcel ever – lots of sample peanut butters to try 🙂 The white chocolate one sounds particularly yum..oh and the choc chip! Hope you enjoyed it.

    • I enjoyed them very much! The only problem with single serving packets is that there’s only one serving in there 😉

  2. OH awesome!!! I have not heard of this brand but I want to now!! I haven’t seen it either….I will look for it!! 🙂 I have only tried Nuts N More. The toffee one was really good!! We tried a bunch of them after seeing them on Shark Tank!!

    • I still need to try the Nuts N More brand. I saw them on shark Tank, too haha. I REALLY liked the white chocolate Buff Bake!

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