For Two Fitness® Yoga Shorts!

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! I just wanted to drop a by quickly and share about a company I am thankful to be partnered with…

I announced back in September that I was accepted to be a For Two Fitness® ambassador. It’s great to be apart of community of like minded people while being pregnant- that working out is A-Okay! They sent me their yoga shorts to review and I couldn’t wait to put them on. Now I admit that I haven’t done yoga in WAY too long, BUT with how comfortable they are… I’ve been wearing them around the house 24/7.

Front 3

Not me… this is from their website.I do like her blue toenail polish though!

Just like I’m dedicated to the health of my pregnancy, so it  For Two Fitness®. They are the premier maternity fitness apparel brand, offering performance apparel that functions and flatters like nothing else. They are committed to celebrating and supporting moms who are striving for healthy, fit, pregnancies, which is why I like For Two Fitness® performance apparel!


I’ve been limited to the treadmill now (more on that in a later post) so I’ve only been walking, and only a little bit, as exercise. Like I said before, these shorts are super comfy. I got a medium and they fit perfect. The yoga shorts are perfect because you can wear the band part high OR pulled down. I like it pulled down because it adds a bit more support while walking. I mean, look at that belly! And yes- I’m super pale now. The only reason I was ever tan was from all my runs outside!

Big Belly

For Two Fitness® fabrics are high performance, soft, moisture wicking, and originate from the same mills as the fancy athletic apparel we already wear.  Maternity clothes are expensive as it is, so they work hard to keep these high end, specialty garments affordable.  They offer basic neutrals and vivid, on-trend colors that pop.  The slogans and graphics are perfect for pregnancy announcements, and for feeling great in your ever-changing body. There’s no way someone will question your preggers if you’re wearing one of their shirts/tanks!

For Two Fitness

I never did get a Running for Two® tank… sometimes life just gets busy and then I had to stop running. Maybe next pregnancy 🙂 They design their own garments in-house, and their slogans are registered trademarks, so you won’t find these cute tops anywhere else. Don’t be fooled by imitators!

Have you seen anyone wearing For Two Fitness® apparel?  


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