Kara’s Birth Story (Part 1)

I know it’s been a few weeks since Kara was born, but I’m finally posting about her birth story. So far, parenthood has been amazing and our love for her grows everyday. I could seriously stare at her all day. In fact, she’s laying on my chest as I type this <3 Let’s get to it…

Kara on Chest

Where do I begin?! At 33 weeks I was 75% effaced (thinning of the cervix) and 0 cm dilated (widening of cervix) and told to take things easy. No more working out or doing anything active. I went for a check up the following week and I was 90% effaced and 1 cm dilated, so my doc put me on bed rest for two weeks. It’s important to note that you can be 90% effaced and 3 cm dilated for weeks, so it was more of a precaution since they really want the baby to stay in until at least 37 weeks, preferably later. At the beginning of 36 weeks (Sat. Nov 28) I was taken off bed rest.

Water Broke

Thursday, December 3rd I woke up at 1 AM and told Todd that I think my water broke. I was sure that I felt the “pop,” which didn’t hurt. To make sure I didn’t just wet the bed, I used the restroom and had a full pee. We called the doctors, which at that hour, was an answering service. About 15 minutes later the doc called and told me to head to the hospital. I wanted a natural birth and knew that they wouldn’t let me eat or drink at the hospital so I made Todd and I PB&J’s while he got everything in the car. The contractions were decent and I could tell they were getting stronger. I was only able to eat half my sammie before I was getting uncomfortable and felt the need to leave. I never only eat half a PB&J… so that says something.

Right before hospital

Last picture before heading to the hospital!

We got to the hospital around 2AM and went straight back to triage. My contractions were getting worse, but still manageable. They hooked me up to a machine, gave me an IV, asked me a million questions and had me sign my life away (OK, not really). They knew I wanted a natural delivery and when they asked me what my pain level was on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest) and I said 6 they nurse said, “well honey, if it’s 6 already you have a long road ahead of you!” Why would she put doubt in my mind?! UGH. They checked my cervix and I was 5.5cm dilated.

Triage Pic

My contractions started getting strong real fast! They wheeled me to labor and delivery around 3 AM. My plan was to use a birthing ball, walk around, do squats, all the things you read about when you’re having a natural birth. Well, I seemed to pass right through that stage (actually I think that’s where I was at home walking and eating my pb&J) and was on the bed breathing hard and yelling. Yes, yelling. At one point I asked a nurse who came in if they could hear me out there and she was like, “Yaaaaa, we hear you!” I apologized and she said, “No worries hunny, you’re having a baby!”

My contractions were getting much worse and ish got real. I had read that you have a short intense contraction followed by one or two longer, “easier” ones. You could see on a monitor when and how strong the contractions were and mine kept staying in the 8-10 range (out of 10), with no real break. After about an hour I felt like I had to push and they checked me one more time. I was at 10 cm dilated and my body was ready to get this baby out! Only one problem… the doctor wasn’t there yet. She didn’t expect me to go from 5.5 cm to 10 cm in an hour. I was cursing and screaming for her to come during every contraction. I yelled that she needs to speed and I’ll pay her speeding ticket, to text her and find out her ETA, where the heck was she?! After every comment I made, I’d apologize for being mean, haha.

FINALLY she got there. Stay tuned for Part Two ๐Ÿ™‚
Heather newborn-18Sideways

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    • Thank you, Kris! Being a mom is already pretty amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully the natural birth experience will give me that extra umph to break 3:10, then 3:05, then the elusive 3 hr mark in the marathon!

  1. She is so precious!! I love that last picture, too sweet! And I FEEL YOU on the doctor not coming fast enough!! I came in to the hospital and the nurse took her sweet ol’ time calling the doctor, then they debated who would check me (my doctor was on call at the hospital that day, so she was sleeping in an on-call room) before deciding to just have the nurse check me and call the doctor after, since it was my first and really, how far along could I be since my water broke right before we left? Yeah, I was a 9.5. I started pushing before the doctor came in. oops.

    • Your pushing sounds just like me! I told them I was pushing and couldn’t help it. They told me to try and not push… HA!

    • Seriously… don’t worry though… I finished it right when I got to the mom and baby room. First thing I wanted to do was eat ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Awww, look at that little beauty ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations!
    Ha! I screamed my head off, my son is 25 but I still remember that hard pain lol

    • Thanks, Karen ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad I’m not the only one who made some noise! My throat was actually sore afterwards, haha.

    • I figured I might forget some of the details as time passes, so writing it down will help me remember. Although, I can still remember it all like yesterday even 3 weeks later. Merry Christmas to your family as well!

  3. Beautiful baby…and actually an intersteing post too. Sometimes birth stories can be SOOO boring. I’m a mom of 2 so I can say this! But yours is interesting. Or maybe its b/c you’re a good story teller! I look forward part 2.

    • Awww, well thank you, Rebecca! If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s every birth story is so different. Hopefully part 2 lives up to part 1 ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Holy cow that’s a fast labor! Apparently, the doc didn’t know how seriously you take your training! (I think your next marathon will feel like a piece of cake.) You are blessed with such a beautiful baby. I know your Christmas will be extra special this year. Thanks for linking with us, Heather. Enjoy your week and that new baby.

    • Thank you so much! I’m hoping I can translate that experience to a faster marathon time! Fingers crossed. This Christmas will be the best one yet!

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