Kara’s Birth Story (Part 2)

Last we left off, the doctor had just gotten to the hospital. Had she already been at the hospital, Kara would’ve been born 20 minutes earlier! Immediately upon her arrival, they got me ready to push. I didn’t know that you had to hold your legs up to push. I guess I just thought you kept them in the stirrups. I grabbed my legs and they told me to take a deep breath, hold it and push like I was taking a poop for as long as they counted (10 seconds). It was a much easier than the laboring part! Before I knew it I could feel her head. Then it was really go time and I did three big pushes and she was out!

Minutes after birthThey put her on my chest immediately, as skin to skin time is really beneficial for both mom and baby. Her umbilical cord was still attached and soon after Todd cut it. We have pictures but I’m thinking I won’t post those. Then they took her to clean her up a bit, weigh her and do some tests. I did it! I had her naturally and was/am so happy and proud. Todd kept saying how proud he was of me and how much he loved Kara and I for the next few days. It made me feel really good that I was able to have her naturally. While my labor was quick (3.5 hrs) it was VERY intense and went from 1.5cm dilated to 10cm in 3 hrs. That’s like 0-60 MPH in 30 seconds. There was no gradual increase in pain. But like I said, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Cleaned up

My parents and sister came in a visited me in the labor and delivery room. It was still really early, 4:35AM, and I was so happy they still got up and came. I was so overwhelmed with happiness and love and loved sharing that moment with not only my husband, but my family. Ya’ll know how close I am with them. I joke that Kara Boston qualified since my water broke at 1AM and she came at 4:35AM, which is 3 hrs and 35 min, the time needed for women under 34 to qualify 😉

Nuun Recovery

We finally got down to the Mom/Baby recovery room and I drank some Nuun to get rehydrated. I yelled and breathed heavy so much that my throat was super dry and my voice was hoarse, haha. My sister brought me a bagel from Panera and a breakfast sammie for Todd. We all hung out and passed baby Kara around. She was technically premie, so they had to test her glucose by pricking her feet like every 3 hrs 🙁 She got a bath. We worked on breastfeeding, which can be difficult for premies and she seemed to be doing well. We did a lot of skin to skin time and before we knew it we were going home!

Going Home

Random side note… The day she was born was also cookie day at work (which I obviously missed) and my sweet sweet girlfriend brought me some on her lunch break 🙂

Cookie Day

Just thought of something… Todd said when I was pushing my whole body turned red. I kind of wish he would’ve taken a few pictures so I could see how hard I was working, but I know at the time I probably would’ve been pissed, haha. Also, I had a 2nd (out of 4) degree perineal tear (front to back) and a small urethral tear. I couldn’t feel either when they were happening and the doc gave me a block so I wouldn’t feel her stitching me back together. Between the recovery from the tears and them pushing out my placenta, I’d almost say I’m done with kids… but then I look at my sweet girl and know it’s all totally worth it <3

Heather newborn-33 Heather newborn-44

Another random side note: Nuun is having a flash sale and you can get these flavors for $4.99!!!

I’m sure I’m forgetting something and when I remember I’ll either update this post, or write about it later. I want to be able to remember this amazing day for the rest of my life! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Holiday/ whatever you celebrate!!!

Santa FamilyShhh Santa

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