All I Want for Christmas is You!

I still can’t believe my baby girl is here! She is all I wanted for Christmas and I got her as an early present from Santa <3 Guess I was on the nice list this year 😉

Santa Family Shhh Santa

I got together with a girlfriend to make an ornament with Kara’s tiny baby feet for her first Christmas and it turned out great!

Kara's Foot print ornament

We had my family as well as my SIL and niece over Christmas Eve to decorate cookies for Santa. Definitely a tradition I can’t wait for Kara to be able to help with… or maybe I can wait… I love this newborn stage. She’s staring at that frosting, just like her momma!

Decorating CookiesCookie Decorating

Addalie absolutely loves her cousin and is so sweet with her. She loves to hold and kiss her. We got Addy a “real life” baby doll and she calls her Kara and plays with her all day. It’s too cute.

Addy holding Kara

Our first family Christmas photo! She’s so small you can’t even see her, haha. Since she’s so small, it was impossible to find an outfit that wasn’t huge on her and bows won’t stay on her head yet. Oh well, we can dress her up next year 🙂
IMGP8744We have a family tradition of making breakfast for the kids at The Children’s Home and even though we were given an out because of Kara, there was no way I was missing it! Multitasking baby!

IMGP8745Then we went to my parents to open gifts and Kara had so much fun!

IMGP8758Group shot… minus Todd the picture taker 🙁 I sure do love my family more than they will ever know <3
IMGP8761Like I said before, I still can’t believe Kara is here and that she’s MY daughter- I say it at least twice a day. I can’t believe I’m a mom. I can’t believe how blessed I am to have such a wonderful, supportive, loving family and husband. This Christmas was the best one yet and I know they will only get better every year! I have to thank you guys for being so awesome. So many of your comments got me through this year with all it’s ups and downs, so thank you! Hope everyone had a spectacular holiday season, no matter what you celebrate and that you have a fabulous 2016 🙂

Kara Lights

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    • It was harder to make than you’d think… babies have a thing with wiggling their feet all the time, haha

    • Thanks, Jen! I love all the professional shots we got of her. They only stay that little for a short time!

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