2015 Was Pretty Great

Happy New Years everyone! As with every holiday and big event that passes, I can’t help but think, man, it’s already over. Where did 2015 go?! Seems like just yesterday I was recovering from last NYE! Let’s take a look back at the big events in my life from 2015 for this Friday’s Favorites


2015 started with Todd having to travel to Israel for work for a few months. I was lucky enough to be able to tag along and got to explore the country. Swimming in the dead sea, tasting the yummy food, running a half marathon in Jerusalem and being a total tourist. This was right before I started infertility treatments because after stopping all exercise (the half marathon was my last shabang before having to stop again) and gaining 15lbs I STILL hadn’t gotten my period and was more than ready to get pregnant.

Infertility Treatment

Shockingly, the IUI treatment worked on the first try (not very common) and we were beyond excited! I ended up getting Ovarian Hyperstimulating Syndrome and I looked 5 months pregnant before I even found out I was preggo, but it was all worth it. We had a baby girl on the way, Due December 26.

Santa Baby

Then the worst day of my life happened… we found out we had to put down our dogter, Riley. She was my first child and I can honestly say that this was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. She was such an amazing dog and I cried and mourned her for a long time. I still do sometimes. I am so sad that Kara will never get to meet her, as she was so great with kids. She will forever be in my heart <3

Riley 3

Then things started looking up a bit and I got a promotion! I love my new job and team and of course the pay raise 😉 Then I got in a car accident when I was 26 weeks pregnant and totaled my car- not my fault though! It was scary and Todd wasn’t here so that made things even worse. Thankfully, everyone was OK.

Pregnant ER visit

Todd wasn’t here because he was in New Zealand for work. Like all his other international trips, I was able to go out there and visit him… yes, at 27 weeks pregnant. We met in Australia and the flight was long but SO worth it! We went to Sydney, Cairns and Melbourne.

29 Weeks Pregnant

We got back from the trip just in time for my 30th Birthday. There was no dirty thirty party for this preggo lady! It was pretty low key, which is just how I like it! We flew in the night before and my parents had dinner and dessert waiting. At this point (30 weeks), I was still pretty active in my pregnancy. No running, but I was doing Body Pump and the elliptical.

31 Weeks Pregnant

31 Weeks Pregnant

I loved being able to workout for almost all of my pregnancy, but that came to an end when at a doctors appointment I was showing signs of progressing at 34 weeks. I was put on bed rest until 36 weeks and it was killer. I know it was only two weeks, but it SUCKED! And again, like so many other things, it was totally worth it!

Kara's Debut

Baby Kara was born on December 3rd, 2015! While she was early at 36 weeks 5 days and considered a premie, she was completely healthy and didn’t have to spend any time in the NICU. We even got to go home after 36 hrs instead of the usual 48 🙂 Her natural birth story is amazing and perfect so please check it out HERE and HERE.

Little Kara

Like most new moms I could put a bazillion pictures of Kara on here, but I won’t… only a million 😉 Just kidding. We are so lucky to end our year this way, on this super high note with our precious daughter! It really is true what they say, that the love for a child is like no other you’ve ever experienced. I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings us, but it’s going to be hard to top 2015!

Sweet Kara

Happy New Years XOXO

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    • I’ve been holding back on the pics so I don’t become “that new mom,” haha. Once I actually start blogging more, I’ll share more 🙂

  1. Ok that sonogram with the Santa hat… Not sure if that’s clever or creepy – LMFAO!!!!!!!!! 😉 It is cute though… If I ever get pregnant, I want to be pregnant over the holidays so I “can” eat even MORE food than I already do, LOL! #goals

    • Duh- it’s clever! It was nice to not have to worry about a food baby since I had a real one in there, ha. Only downside is that you can’t fit as much food in at once, but that’s fixable with plenty of grazing!

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