1 Month: Baby and Body

I can’t believe a month has already gone by. I’ve been a freakin mom for one month. Not to mention, my baby is one month old. It’s been one month of emotional craziness, pure joy, love and patience. Can I say “one month” any more times?! Let’s see how mom and baby are doing…

Kara 1 month

Kara had her one month appointment and she did so well! She got her first shot and only screamed for about 10 seconds. She handled it like a champ! Her weight was really good, too, 8lbs 11oz. At birth, she was 6lbs 9oz and she dropped to 5lbs 13oz in 5 days, which obviously isn’t good. I am breastfeeding her and really didn’t want to give her formula or the bottle. I wanted to do what was best for her and ultimately, gave her formula for two days, after which she gained all her weight back and was up to her birth weight. I was worried about it for weeks, but she’s gotten the hang of it and now feeds like a champ.

Hands u[

As for me… I’m trying to do the opposite of Kara and lose weight. I gained about 28 lbs during pregnancy and as of 4 weeks postpartum am down 22 lbs. I had to gain 10 lbs to get pregnant, so my goal is it to drop 16 more pounds. OBVIOUSLY this will be a gradual thing, as I don’t want losing weight to affect my milk supply. I did take pics to compare over the weeks. It’s funny because each week I felt like nothing changed, until I looked at the pictures. They helped me realize changes were happening.

1 month post belly front 1 month post belly

Let’s just say I’m REALLY looking forward to my 6 week postpartum appointment. I had a second degree tear and small urethral tear that both required stitches. Because of this, I haven’t wanted to tempt my fate and run or workout any sooner than I’m supposed to. As with most “injuries” it’s not worth coming back too soon, only to hurt yourself worse and be sidelined longer. That being said, once I felt better (the first 2 weeks were horrible) I started walking and as of this week, started lifting light upper body weights at home.

fake running

OK, so I lied… I HAVE run, but it was only for 15 seconds to test out the BOB and snap a pic 😉 Promise it wasn’t any more. I just couldn’t help myself the first time we went to the trail. Technically we’re 5 weeks old/postpartum as I post this, but not much has changed. We may be dealing with a small case of reflux, which stinks, but we’re figuring it all out. I may have to cut out dairy- ugh! We’ve gone on a few play dates, but my favorite was a walk in the park and down a dock. Kara had a blast 😉

Kara DockLinking up today with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the weekly wrap! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Keep your fingers crossed for me that come next week I am cleared to run! For now, I’ll leave you with this…


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  1. You look amazing!! And her weight gain is awesome! I had issues with my first losing weight but I wasn’t making a lot of milk and had to give him formula and I beat myself up for months about it. But when it comes down to it, it’s NOT a big deal. I was so much more relaxed about this stuff with the second one when I realized that my first turned out just fine!

    • That’s what I heard from everyone… it’s not the end of the world to give her formula a few times. I’m glad I didn’t stress over it and that she’s growing like a weed now 🙂

    • Aww shucks, thanks Brittany. I’m trying not to compare myself to others and just go by the progress I’ve made. If only I could get some epic hikes in to tone these legs!

  2. Look at you, you look amazing Heather! This new mom thing is really looking good on you! Don’t worry you’ll get to where you want to be in no time. I also breast fed my baby an felt like the weight just melted off because of it. You are doing a awesome job at being aware of needed to keep your health up for your baby. Keep it up and hug that sweet one for me!

    • Thanks, Tricia! I wish the weight would fall off… seems like it’s taking it’s sweet time. Of course Christmas and New Years festivities didn’t help, haha. I’m hugging her as we speak 🙂

  3. What a beautiful baby! You should be so proud. And your body looks amazing. Breast feeding usually helps so much with weight lost and I’m sure you’ll be where you want to in no time. I’m guessing Kara will spend a lot of quality time with you out running in the BOB. Fun! Reflux seems to be pretty common these days with infants. I’m sure you’ll get that figured out. Thanks for linking with us!

    • I’m working on the weight slowly but surely. And she loves the BOB already 😉 We walk every night. I’m really hoping her upset tummy isn’t because of diary!

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