Happy Monday Folks! This post is being brought to you by an early early morning feeding. This is my current view…

2AM Post

While I’m not the biggest fan of being up at 2:15AM, I wouldn’t trade this time with my sweet girl for the world. I know these moments will flash by before I know it and I want to soak them all in… even if it means I’m delusional the next day, haha. I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the weekly wrap!

I never posted my Instagram #2015bestnine, so here it is. Obviously most of it was baby related, but I love that there’s a good amount of food and exercise in there even with being pregnant. I also love that fierce tank. I need to wear that again.

heatherrunsfast_fullI went to Disney’s The Lion King show at the Straz Center with my mom. It. Was. Amazing! The best show I’ve ever seen… not that there’s been many, but every act was exceptional and the costumes and songs were on point. If The Lion King is coming to a theater near you, I HIGHLY recommend it. We almost didn’t make it, as traffic was horrible and I was pretty stressed about it because I’d heard that the first song (Circle of Life) is the best one- and it is!- but we made it!

Lion King

We went to Kara’s first birthday party and she rocked a cute pink sweater. Like her mommy, she’s a silly girl! I love that she’s opening her eyes so much now. Not sure if it’s all newborns or just because she was a bit premie, but she didn’t open her eyes for the longest time. Now I’m just waiting for the purposeful smile 🙂

I found this yummy popcorn on sale at Publix and it tastes so good! I love the drizzle of frosting like goodness.

Boom Chicka Pop

The only problem with the popcorn is that it has diary in it. Why does that matter you ask? Kara’s pediatrician thinks she may have a milk protein intolerance (have I mentioned that already?) so I am going a month with no dairy. I’m only half way through and I’m dying, haha. There is dairy in everything. Question to you mom’s out there: I’ve done the “blood in the stool” test and out of three panels, only one came back with a bit of blood. We are retesting it at her 2 month appointment. At the birthday party we went to Sunday, a bunch of mom’s were telling me that that test is pointless and that I need to just schedule an appointment with an allergist to have blood work done to test it. Kara doesn’t throw up, she only occasionally spits up. She does show signs of reflux every now and then, but doesn’t seem to uncomfortable and actually prefers to lay flat on her back at times rather than being held. What are your thoughts?! Have you been in this situation before?

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  1. I love any boom chicka pop flavors. The pumpkin spice one was surprisingly good! Your daughter is precious and I love her little pink outfit! 🙂 -C

  2. Oh man, I miss/can’t wait for early morning feedings and sleepy babies on my chest. My son is 20 months and now he’ll only cuddle or sleep like that if he’s sick. Enjoy it!!! ( I haaaated/hate hearing it, but the cuddly part really DOES go by so, so, SO fast.)

    • I’ve been told by SO many moms that cuddle time comes to an end too soon. I’m enjoying every second! It’ll be your time before you know it 🙂

  3. I’m a nuun ambassador and have yet to try the watermelon. I thought you was going to say they are doing away with it, I’m glad to hear they only put it on sale! I’m going to have to look for that popcorn it sounds amazingly good! Thanks for linking up with us Heather!

  4. I’ve never heard of Boom Chicka Pop. I will definitely look for it at Publix. Kara is so adorable in her party outfit. I know you are enjoying these precious moments with her. I have seen the traveling Broadway version of The Lion King. It was incredible. I think I’m the only runner on the planet who doesn’t drink Nuun. Thanks for linking with us Heather!

    • I had heard of boom chicka pop but never had it. I was impressed… for the small serving I had, lol. We need to change this no Nuun thing 😉

  5. Wish I had helpful advice for you about dairy and intolerances to help Kara but I don’t have any experience there. Have to say she is beautiful!!

    • Thanks, Kris 🙂 I’m just really hoping she doesn’t have it! A life without cheese and ice cream stinks!

  6. Frosted SUGAR COOKIE POPCORN….. Slap my ass and call me Shaniqua! WHY THE HELL DO I HAVE FOOD ALLERGIES! Universe, YOU HATE ME… DON’T YOU!?? Or perhaps it’s because I am totally an ALL OR NOTHING person… So if I could eat sugar, I would be a 4000 pound woman!

    • Yaaaaaa… I don’t know how you do it! 3 weeks of dairy free and I’m going cray. I can’t imagine giving up all the stuff you have to. I should shut my trap and be grateful it’s not more than just dairy!

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