Nada Moo To My Rescue!

I mentioned that I’m going dairy free for a month to test if Kara has a milk intolerance. I also mentioned how hard it is- and will be even more so if I have to do it for the duration of my breast feeding, which I would like to be a year. Of all things dairy, I think I’ve missed ice cream/ froyo the most. Especially when I’m up late at night nursing and just want a quick scoop of cold, sweet, creamy goodness! I knew there were non-dairy ice creams out there, but was skeptical of their taste and texture. Insert Nada Moo and their motto to “Grab life by the coconuts!”

Nada Moo Flavors

Every NadaMoo flavor begins with their top secret, extra creamy, dairy-free coconut milk base. From there, they use some of the finest organic, certified non-GMO ingredients to create the most amazing flavor combinations you can imagine. I got to try the flavors you see above and they were each SO DELICIOUS! The texture was that of regular ice cream after you let it sit out for a few minutes.

Cookies N Cream

Look at those chunks of cookie in the Cookies N Cream… I mean come on! Nada Moo (<-Facebook) knows what’s up! And look at the chunks of banana in the Bananas for PB & Chocolate flavor…

Bananas for PB & Chocolate

You’ll notice in all of my pictures that the ice cream is almost gone… yaaaaaaaaa, I ate all 4 pints in 4 days. What can I say?! They are THAT good and I was really craving ice cream after 3 weeks of not having it. We all know how I love my ice cream/froyo dates! These are definitely a Friday Favorite!

Vanilla Nada Moo

Anyone for some Vanilla…Ahh?! Kara wanted some with her cupcake 😉 Can you see the vanilla bean dots in there? That’s how you know it’s good vanilla! My favorite was a toss up between the Banana/PB/Chocolate and the Lotta Mint Chip, but I think the mint pulled through to the top spot. It was so creamy with the perfect amount of mintyness and the chocolate chip ratio was perfect!

Lotta Mint Chip

Nada Moo (<-instagram) is a family run company out of Austin, Texas. I can always get behind a company that’s A) family owned, B) makes yummy ice cream and C) uses the finest ingredients. If they aren’t in a store near you, which sadly they aren’t around me, head to their website like I did and fill out a product request form! Or just click the link… I made it easy for you 🙂 I really can’t say enough about how delicious every flavor was and how impressed I am with the company and their products. To say they came to my rescue is an understatement… too bad I gobbled it all up so quick, haha.

 Have you ever tried a coconut milk based ice cream?!


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  1. Oh, I feel you on the milk intolerance! We found out at about 2 weeks (bloody diapers, no fun) that my son was MSPI, and it was definitely rough! It gets a LOT easier once you get over the first month or two. Also, once he hit 12 months and I tried dairy again, he was totally fine and now has a smoothie every day! I definitely need to check out this ice cream, though, in case my next is MSPI too!

    • Thankfully there’s no visible blood in her diapers, only microscopically. I really hope it’s not an intolerance, but if it is, that he grows out of it quickly! I keep telling her little belly to mature faster, haha.

  2. Wow! I haven’t ever tried any…I have to keep ice cream out of the house though, or I will eat it all! 😛 I will have to splurge one day and try Nada Moo. The consistency is big for me which it looks so thick! I can’t do froyo. It’s just a tease, but this looks good!

    • You’re funny about the froyo. I can totally see that though. And as you can tell from my post, I can’t keep it in the house either… I ate all 4 pints in 4 days- HA!

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