Month: February 2016

My workouts were pretty lackluster last week. After running in the Gasparilla Half I knew my body needed rest and to take it easy, so that’s what I did 🙂 I noticed after my Tuesday run that my right foot was hurting a bit on the outer right side and underneath. Even when I just walked around the house. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been wearing sandals lately or possibly an overuse injury, or both. I did ramp up my mileage and speed pretty quickly, so I wouldn’t be surprised. The weather here is perfect right now, so my foot better […]

The Gasparilla Distance Classic is THE BEST race put on in Tampa and my Favorite! From the organization, to the expo, to the race, it’s all around fantastic! My very first half marathon (and the one that got me hooked to distance races) was Gasparilla 8 years ago! Over the years, I’ve run the 15k a few times and the 5k and 15k last year. They have a challenge that has you run all the races– 5k, 8k, 15k and half- which is pretty popular among the crazies 😉 It all begins at the expo. Gasparilla puts on a good […]

Sadly, I go back to work Thursday, ending my 3 month maternity leave. Booo!!! Here’s another look at my eats from a laid back day in the life of Heather and Kara… Pre-Breakfast: Chicken Sausage. I’m really digging these for my 3-5AM feedings. I always wake up hungry and just want something little to tide me over. These sausages have minimal ingredients and taste great. I’ll brown up a bunch to keep on hand so I don’t have to whip out the skillet at 4AM. I usually end up going back to bed after this feeding. 1st Breakfast: Apple. I eat […]

Monday: Body Pump. Almost made it through the whole class… had to change her during the lunge track because she had a poopy diaper. That’s OK though, my legs were a bit sore from the 12 miler the day before. Tuesday: 6 miles @ 8:05 pace on treadmill. Added a few new Kara Goucher pics to the treadmill. I need to get that awesome one of Shalane and Amy!  Wednesday: Body Pump. Took an evening class, so I enjoyed one of my last mornings on maternity leave and soaked up some snuggle time. Those cheeks! Thursday: 6 miles @ 8:35 pace on treadmill. Easy-ish […]

Let’s take a look at some Favorites from my week 🙂 Family Time. There’s nothing better than spending time with your family. Whether its for a meal or just to hang out, I love being with my family… even more so now that Kara is here. PS that stuffed bunny is the dogs, not Kara’s. The Weather. The weather in Tampa this week has been/is perfect! Looks like I’ll have perfect racing temps for the Gasparilla Half Marathon Sunday 🙂 Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. Warning. Don’t have an open jar of cookie butter in your car when you’re stuck in traffic… it’s not good […]

I haven’t done a What I Ate Wednesday in a looooong time. Let me start off by saying that my “meals” while on maternity leave are quite different from my past WIAWs at work. No longer can I have my beloved yogurt parfaits, whey shakes, or froyo/ice cream dates. Yes, I now have 3 breakfasts… totally normal. Breastfeeding hunger is real and top that off with running and Body Pump, means this girls gotta eat! Pre-Breakfast: I typically nurse around 3-3:30AM. This means I get up, feed and burp Kara, change her diaper, then pump the other boob. This whole […]

Before we get to the workouts, Kara wanted to wish everyone a Happy Belated Valentines Day <3 Monday: Body Pump. Kara didn’t let me finish class this time… I had to leave halfway through to feed her. Bummer. At least we had some fun afterwards. Tummy time for the win! Tuesday: .5m warm up/ .5m @ 7:30/ .5m rest/ .75m @ 7:30/ .5m rest/ 1m @ 7:30/ .5m rest/ 1.25m @ 7:30/ .5m cool down Did a semi speed workout on the treadmill. I know the rests (~9 min pace) are a little long. Maybe this week I’ll try this same run […]

It’s Friday Favorite Time!

Here are some Friday Favorites for you! Super Bowl Food. We went to my parents for the Super Bowl and had some random, but yummy food. It was cold here and chili was the perfect dinner! We snacked on chips and salsa and guac before dinner and for dessert my mom made brownie bites with banana, pumpkin, almond butter, almond flour and chocolate chips along with chocolate meringues. She wanted to make sure everything was dairy free for Kara. What a great Nana! Grocery Shopping. I’ve always enjoyed grocery shopping- just not putting them away, haha. On the weekend, Todd […]

Kara is now almost 2.5 months, but better late than never! Kara weighed 8 lbs 13 oz at her 1 month appointment and now weighs 10 lbs 10 oz and is 22.3 inches long. We’ve gotten a pretty good routine down of eat, play, sleep. By no means does this mean we have a schedule. It’s still hard to plan things, but we make it work. As for the dairy intolerance, we had three stool samples tested for blood and all three came back positive, so it looks like I’m going dairy free for the foreseeable future 🙁 Only for […]

I love that I have a weekly workout recap now 🙂 Makes my heart (and legs and lungs and body and mind) happy! Monday: Rest. And plenty of cuddle time with my girl. This was post melt down… hence the watery eyes. Tuesday: Body Pump. I put Kara in the nursery at the Y for the first time. I go to two YMCA’s and one of them is an Express Y, so it is smaller and the nursery literally looks into the class room. Like, there’s tinted glass you can see through from both sides. I told the lady that […]

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