I Actually Have Workouts to Post :)

I shared with you guys my Running Comeback Plan, which was a loose explanation of my start back into running and my bigger plans. I’m excited to say that I have actually been working toward those goals by incorporating more workout type running. Back before we started this pregnancy journey, I used to post my workouts while I was marathon training. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to do that now, as I’m not really hard core training, but will be doing more than just easy runs. I just don’t want to bore you, haha. I’m thinking I’ll do a weekly post, like I’m doing today.

Monday- Nada but I had lunch with my sister at Panera 🙂 Asian Sesame Chicken Salad.

Asian Sesame Salad

Tuesday- Ran 6 miles at an 8:50 pace on the treadmill

6 miles

Wednesday- Weights at home

Thursday- Ran 4 miles on treadmill: .5m warm up/ .5m @ 8:00 pace/ .25m @ 9:00 / .75m @ 8:00/ .25m @ 9/ 1m @ 8/ .75 cool down, YAY for a mini “speed work” session 😉

Friday- nada

Saturday- Body Pump! I missed Body Pump so bad! I kept the weights low and wasn’t too sore come Monday, other than my chest. I can’t wait to build my muscles back!

34 vs 2 months

Sunday- 8 miles That’s right! Momma did her first “long run!” I left Kara at home with Todd and hit the trail. The weather was an overcast 70 degrees and I was worried it would be too hot, but the clouds and slight breeze were nice. I was only planning on doing 6, but I just felt so good and had that runners high, so I kept on going! I started out conservatively and picked up the pace at the end, finishing with a 8:45 min mile. I can’t wait to see these times drop!

8miles nuun

The warm weather called for some Nuun! The Watermelon flavor is so good. I’m pretty happy with this weeks worth of workouts. I’m happy to get back to Body Pump, as I’m not a huge fan of lifting weights on my own but know it’s really important. Hopefully this type of post will be a weekly occurrence now 🙂 I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the weekly wrap! And we end on a Kara note…

Kara Elephant

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    • I really missed running… plus, I want to get my body back a bit before I head back to work, haha. Thanks for the hot cocoa recipe, btw!

  1. You just amaze me. I am in awe of your dedication to stop running and have baby Kara, and now to have this amazing come back. You are just the best. Prime example of having to do things we don’t want in order to get something that we do.

    • I know time is going to fly! Seems like just yesterday I was waiting to see if I was pregnant! Happy Birthday to your Princess 🙂

  2. You are a rockstar!!! Love reading about your recovery from Baby Kara’s delivery. It gives me so much hope and motivation for my recovery

    • Thanks girl! Now that Jackson has made his debut, you can count the days until you can work out again, haha… but enjoy this time with him- obvs <3

  3. Heather, wow – you snapped back quick! You look fantastic in your 2 month postpartum pictures. And, it looks like you went right back to running without any issues whatsoever. That is incredible! Kara is such a cutie (and sweetie too, right?)! Thanks for linking with us.

    • Kara is pretty sweet 🙂 I think waiting the full 6 wees really helped me be able to run without any issues. Thanks for the compliment!!!

  4. Look at you, you look great! Are you sure this wasn’t a picture before you got pregnant? You do look amazing. Your getting in workouts don’t worry about not being in hardcore training. There will come a time for that later. This is a great weekly wrap up of you activity. Plus see it keeps you accountable to writing down what your doing right? I appreciate you linking up with us each week and look forward to seeing what is going on. Have a great week Heather!

    • Thanks, Tricia! Linking up and sharing my workouts will definitely hold me accountable. That’s the beauty of the blog world 🙂

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