Weekly Workouts 2/1-2/7

I love that I have a weekly workout recap now 🙂 Makes my heart (and legs and lungs and body and mind) happy!

Monday: Rest. And plenty of cuddle time with my girl. This was post melt down… hence the watery eyes.

Kara selfie

Tuesday: Body Pump. I put Kara in the nursery at the Y for the first time. I go to two YMCA’s and one of them is an Express Y, so it is smaller and the nursery literally looks into the class room. Like, there’s tinted glass you can see through from both sides. I told the lady that this was my first time leaving Kara and she held her up for me to see the whole time. Very reassuring. Hopefully Kara was impressed with my lifting 😉

Body Pump Nursery

Wednesday: 6 miles on treadmill @ 8:30 pace. I guess you could call this a “workout.” I just wanted to see if I could run close to what my old easy pace was. I was only going to do 4, but I felt good and baby girl was still sleeping, so I went for 6.

Thursday: Body Pump. I went to an afternoon class, so Todd was able to watch Kara.

Friday: Nuun Year Dash!  5k @ 7:51 pace. This was an inaugural event with Nuun and FitFam to help benefit paraplegic and disabled athletes through Challenge Athletes Foundation. I signed up for it while I was pregnant and wasn’t sure what my running would be like at this point, so I just signed up for the 5k. It provided me a great little reason for some speedwork! This was the fastest overall pace I’ve run since having Kara. She was pretty excited for me 😉

Nuun Year Dash

Saturday: Body Pump. After taking 3 classes, I decided to bump up the weight a bit. Gotta get that heart rate up and build that muscle!

Sunday: 10 miles @ 8:49 pace. The weather was cold for FL, so I waited until the afternoon to run. 55 degrees is my perfect running temp and it proved perfect again! After my first two mile splits were under a 9 min pace I decided to try and keep it that way… and I did 🙂 I have the Gasparilla Distance Classic in two weeks (I’m running the half marathon), so I’m bumping up my mileage. Gosh I love running!


I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the weekly wrap! And of course a post wouldn’t be complete without a  solo Kara picture. Random, but doesn’t she look like a different baby in each photo?!

Daddys Girl

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  1. Wow, your workouts are great after having a baby. After your 10 mile run you are all set for your half in a few weeks. Wow, that was so nice that the YMCA babysitter held your daughter up for you to see during your first time leaving her. She deserves some extra credit for that!

    • Thanks! I’m hoping to get another 10 miler in to boost my confidence. And yes, it was very nice of her! She did the same this morning… except Kara had a little breakdown and I had to leave to feed her. Such is life with a baby 😉

  2. Heather I’m so glad you are sinking back into a weekly workout as well and you choose to link up with us each week. Makes me happy! Great job on your race too. Wasn’t that nice of the lady in the gym nursery to reassure you. She so gets it doesn’t she?

    • I love the link up! It was super nice of her and she definitely gets it… I should make her some cookies or something!

  3. I think it is wonderful that the Y has the babysitting service. I used to go to a smaller one and lunch and remember the childcare rooms. You had a fantastic long run on Sunday. That’s got to be a great confidence booster for your half. You should be extremely proud at how quickly you were able to return to running postpartum! You will be setting an wonderful example for your little cutie pie. Thanks for linking with us Heather.

    • The run was definitely a confidence booster! I’m glad I waited the full 6 weeks to start back running. I think it made a big difference. That and exercising throughout pregnancy. I’m hoping Kara is watching while I pump and run and will want to follow in my footsteps 🙂

  4. Dang girl, you bounced back with your speeds FAST!! Way to go!! I remember leaving my oldest in daycare at the gym for the first time….it was tough, I didn’t get a full workout for months because he would always cry too much and I would have to come get him….

    • I’m still working on the pace thing, but it’s getting better! And that’s what I’m afraid of… never making it through a workout, haha.

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