KARA: 2 Months

Kara is now almost 2.5 months, but better late than never!

Kara 2 months

Kara weighed 8 lbs 13 oz at her 1 month appointment and now weighs 10 lbs 10 oz and is 22.3 inches long. We’ve gotten a pretty good routine down of eat, play, sleep. By no means does this mean we have a schedule. It’s still hard to plan things, but we make it work. As for the dairy intolerance, we had three stool samples tested for blood and all three came back positive, so it looks like I’m going dairy free for the foreseeable future ๐Ÿ™ Only for Kara would I do this- I love her too much <3

Kara cuddles

She also got two shots at her appointment and like last month, she was a champ! She didn’t cry at all for the first shot and let out a wail after the second but nothing too bad. Just a red, unhappy face and two Strawberry Shortcake band-aids…

Strawberry Shortcake Shots

SLEEPING:ย At the beginning of the month, she was going about 3 hours between feedings during the night and 2-3 hrs during the day. As of this Monday (2/1) she’s been sleeping 5-7 hours! Whoo hoo and knock on wood! During the day though, she’s not as nice… Starting last week, she stopped napping at home. If we are out and about in the car, she’ll sleep. She started a bad habit of only wanting to sleep in our arms. To put her to sleep we swaddle her, then rock her until her eyes are really heavy (just when you think she’s asleep she’ll open them a bit), her breathing slows and she drops her pacifier, then put her in her rock n play. Within 15-30 minutes, she’s awake! If I hold her the entire time though, she’ll sleep for over an hour. Ugh. Hopefully this is just a phase.

Sleep Progression

EATING:ย I can’t tell you exactly how much she eats when she’s nursing, but my guess is around 3 ounces, as I can usually pump about 3-5 ounces from the other boob if it’s full. She just started playing this fun game where she eats for 5 minutes then pulls off and wiggles her head side to side and kind of plays around a bit before latching back on. It’s really annoying because it makes feeding much less efficient and take much longer.

Sweet Girl

MILESTONES:ย Kara has gotten really good at holding her head up during tummy time! She switches from side to side after a few minutes with some coaxing. She’s even started to hold onto things if we put them in her hand. I know it’s far off, but I can’t wait until she can put the pacifier in her own mouth, haha. She smiles, but I’m not 100% sure it’s intentional yet. That’s the milestone I’m really looking forward too ๐Ÿ™‚

LIKES/DISLIKES:ย Kara doesn’t like nap time, dirty diapers or dairy. She likes her pacifier, being held and bath time.

Bath Time

MISCELLANEOUS:ย I was made aware of “flat head syndrome” a while back and have been paranoid ever since. This happens when your baby lays on her head for too long during the day. Because of this, I make sure to keep her out of her car seat/ rock n play/ bassinet/ ect. for too long. Imagine my shock when the pediatrician told me Kara’s head was a little flat on her right side. Come to find out, holding her in my left arm to rock her every time is the same thing as laying her on the back of her head. He said it’s not a big deal, just start holding her on the other side, which is easy enough, but then I lose my right hand to do anything. Aye!

Owl Hat

It’s true what they say, time flys by too quickly! I can’t believe Ms. Kara Elizabeth is already 2 months old (almost 2.5 by the time I post this). While she tests us often, every poop up the back diaper, screaming episode and sleepless night is totally worth it. We love our precious girl more than words can say <3

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  1. I love the owl hat, so cute! I remember Reid would only nap in my arms and it was so frustrating. But it goes so fast, enjoy snuggling while she wants to nap in your arms..despite the list of things that need to get done around the house. Looking back, I wish I let it happen more often!

    • I’m soaking up every second! I just don’t want her to become dependent on me holding her to sleep… the morning is the sweetest time ๐Ÿ™‚

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