Weekly Workouts: 2/8 – 2/14

Before we get to the workouts, Kara wanted to wish everyone a Happy Belated Valentines Day <3

v-day 2016

Monday: Body Pump. Kara didn’t let me finish class this time… I had to leave halfway through to feed her. Bummer. At least we had some fun afterwards. Tummy time for the win!

Play Time

Tuesday: .5m warm up/ .5m @ 7:30/ .5m rest/ .75m @ 7:30/ .5m rest/ 1m @ 7:30/ .5m rest/ 1.25m @ 7:30/ .5m cool down Did a semi speed workout on the treadmill. I know the rests (~9 min pace) are a little long. Maybe this week I’ll try this same run with quarter mile rests.

Wednesday: Body Pump and walk with friends. In the morning Todd watched Kara again, so I was able to get a full class in this time 🙂

Thursday: 8 miles @ 8:37 pace. I met my inspirational friend Jolene (she has 4 kids and is wicked fast!) up at the trail for some mid week outside miles. I told her I wouldn’t be able to talk much, if at all, pushing Kara, so she took over and pushed Kara in the BOB the whole way. We were able to get a good 8 miles in with Kara behaving the whole way 🙂 Wish I would’ve gotten a picture!

Jolene Run

Friday: 4 miles @ 8:50 pace. Treadmill miles do this girls body good!

Saturday: Body Pump in the AM followed by watching the Olympic Marathon Trials in the afternoon. I seriously love the sport of running and didn’t look away from the TV the entire time… other than to play with my future marathoner 😉

Future Marathoner

The race was great and while I was disappointed that Kara Goucher didn’t make the team, I think that Amy, Shalane and Desi are an awesome trio and will do us proud in Rio. Amy and Shalane’s relationship is something that I envy and hope I can have one day.

Sunday: 12 miles @ 8:48 pace. I ended up meeting my friend Kristin at the trail. She had an 18 miler planned, so I joined her for 9 of those miles. We ran into one of our friends from the Y and ran a few miles with her, too. I’ve found that running with friends during this transition time for me has really helped. It’s humbling when running at over an 8:30 pace isn’t quite easy yet. It’s not hard, but it’s not effortless like it used to be and running with people gets my mind off of it.

Kristin Monika

Overall, it was a great week of workouts! For Valentines Day, my parents watched Kara and we had a sushi date like we always used to do after long runs 🙂 It was super yummy and Kara was great for Nana and Grandpa- aka Mr. Marshall.

SushiSushi CLose up

As usual, I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the weekly wrap!


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  1. Your daughter is adorable. I have a sister Kara, same spelling. Love that name. Sounds like you had a nice week of workouts and marathon trial watching. And sushi, yumm! Hope you have another good week!

    • Hey Kelli! I had never met another Kara until yesterday, then today I met another one and today your sister! They are coming out of the woodworks haha. Hope you have a good week, too!

    • Ya, I’m kind of ready for her to be bigger and more interactive, but at the same time, I know I’ll miss this little baby stage so I’m soaking it up!

  2. Kara is such a pretty Valentine’s princess. I was busy and completely forgot about watching the Olympic Marathon Trials. I’m bummed about that. You had a great week of training! I’m so impressed how you just jumped right back into running. I’m sure you’ll be at the pace you want in no time. Someone who will push the BOB is a true friend indeed! Thanks for linking with us Heather.

    • Thanks 🙂 I was really happy with how her pictures came out… took forever and didn’t seem like we got any good ones. My pace is coming down slowly, so I shouldn’t complain 🙂

    • Aww, thanks Julie 🙂 Sometimes I have to run “fast” to make sure I can get the miles in, haha. Thanks for heading over!!!

    • Thanks! She is changing so much, so fast! Totally agree about the golf thing. My dad watches golf and I just don’t get it. Plus, it’s not like we watch races every day!

    • Isn’t she just the cutest?! Gah, I love her! You can come babysit any time. Or better yet, you can meet her and then I’ll have Todd watch her and we’ll head out. Deal?

  3. How cute is Kara’s shirt!! I love it! That is a lot of sushi right there! We go all the time to a place but I usually get the hibachi. What kind of sushi is this pictured? I’ve tried only a few. I don’t remember what it’s called but it had cream cheese I remember that part in it. Thanks Heather for linking up with us!

    • We got 2 spicy tuna, 2 bagel (the one with cream cheese and smoked salmon- I took out half the cream cheese in each roll so it wasn’t too much dairy), 1 spicy salmon and 1 tuna cucumber. I can eat wayyyyy too much sushi at once.

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