WIAW: Maternity Leave Style

I haven’t done a What I Ate Wednesday in a looooong time. Let me start off by saying that my “meals” while on maternity leave are quite different from my past WIAWs at work. No longer can I have my beloved yogurt parfaits, whey shakes, or froyo/ice cream dates. Yes, I now have 3 breakfasts… totally normal. Breastfeeding hunger is real and top that off with running and Body Pump, means this girls gotta eat!

Pre-Breakfast: I typically nurse around 3-3:30AM. This means I get up, feed and burp Kara, change her diaper, then pump the other boob. This whole process generally takes a little over an hour. Most of the time I wake up hungry- borderline starving- so I’ve made sure to have protein packed snacks ready to go. I made little turkey burgers, egg and sausage patties and sometimes it’s just a handful of nuts. It always includes a big glass of water though!

egg sausage patty

Breakfast 1: Most mornings, real breakfast is in two parts… I’ll have an apple before I run or a ThinSlim bagel/bread with strawberry jam before Body Pump. I like the sugar in the apple before a run and the protein in the bread before doing weights. Todd bought some dates so I’ve been having a few of those, too. I typically eat the apple while I’m nursing Kara and end up running about an hour after while she naps… or attempts to.

1st breakfsat

Breakfast 2: After I workout, I’ll have a shake (vegan protein powder, ice, almond milk, frozen fruit, spinach) and bowl of zoatmeal (1/2 c oats, 1/3 ish c of grated zucchini, cinnamon, nutmeg, 1 cup water. Cook at 50% for 5 min, top off with coconut creamer to make it creamy!) or plate of pancakes (1/2 c oats ground into flour, 4 egg whites, 1/4 tsp baking powder, vanilla, stevia, salt).

Maternity leave breakfast

Lunch: I’ve been loving huge salads! I make them at home with chicken or tuna (top right), get them to go- I had a BOGO coupon for Moe’s and got Todd a burrito and a streaker for me (burrito w/o a tortilla), or out with friends, typically at Panera- I’ve been loving the Asian Sesame Chicken Salad.

SaladsAsian Sesame Salad

Snacks: These are eaten throughout the day. Usually they are pretty random- a few bites of left overs, a treat I pick up while I’m out, veggies w/ hummus, a few bites of PB and J while making Todd’s lunch. Side note- the key to a perfect make ahead PB&J is to put a thin shmear of PB on the top piece of bread so that the jelly doesn’t make the bread soggy. Lots of snacking goes on!


Dinner: Dinners typically consist of a protein, carb and lot of veggies. Our go to is chicken, but steak, pork and fish all make the table frequently, too. I was eating less carbs at dinner because I wasn’t doing much running, but now that my mileage is increasing, I’ve been incorporating more. Either broccoli or green beans are always on the menu. I’ll mix it up with okra, zucchini/squash, brussel sprouts, etc. The carbs is usually brown rice, whole wheat pasta or sweet potato.


Dessert: My nut butter shots are still a staple in my diet! For new readers, let me explain… I love love love nut butters. So much so that I’ve been known to eat half a jar in one sitting. At least it’s healthy fats, right?! To keep my portions in check, I layer the nut butters I have on hand in a shot glass, which is 1 oz, a perfect serving size!

 Nut Butter Shots

And there you have it. My typical daily eats while on maternity leave. The days are dwindling down, which makes me sad, but I know that fueling right and eating well is keeping me sane, healthy and able to soak up every sweet moment with Kara <3

Kara Face

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    • I need them in my life so that I don’t eat half a jar. Seriously… between running and nursing, I can easily over do it!

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