Month: February 2016

I actually owe you guys Kara’s 2 month update (her “BDay” was Feb 3), but I’ve yet to get her official picture with her elephant, so it’s going to have to wait 🙂 A random fact for you: Feb 3 was also Heather Runs Fast’s 3 year blogiversary! I can’t believe it’s been three years since THIS post. Pretty crazy! Onto my faves lately… Family Walks. Kara, Todd and I go on a nightly walk and last night I found a nickle on the ground! I mentioned in an old post how Brittany always picks up change she finds when she’s […]

I shared with you guys my Running Comeback Plan, which was a loose explanation of my start back into running and my bigger plans. I’m excited to say that I have actually been working toward those goals by incorporating more workout type running. Back before we started this pregnancy journey, I used to post my workouts while I was marathon training. I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to do that now, as I’m not really hard core training, but will be doing more than just easy runs. I just don’t want to bore you, haha. I’m thinking I’ll […]

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