Month: March 2016

Kara turned three months on March 3rd. THREE MONTHS!!! Time always went by fast, but boy does it fly at super sonic speed these days! She now weighs around 12 lbs and is fitting into 0-3 month clothing- finally! She loves cooing and smiling, especially after feeding. Like her mommy, she’s happiest with a full belly 😉 I’ve said it every month, but I can’t believe we have a baby. With that said, she’s the most amazing thing that’s happened to us <3 SLEEPING. A few days before Kara hit 11 weeks she started sleeping from 8-10PM to 4-6AM. Hallelujah! But then, […]

Happy Friday Folks! I survived my first week back to work and am lucky enough to have worked from home two days this week- woo hoo! Magic Mugs. I bought a Groupon to make these fun mugs and gave one to my sister. They turn from a completely black mug to a picture when you add hot water. I put a collage of Kara’s Valentines Day pictures on mine. I loved getting a text from my sister of her mug- her, Kara and I at my baby shower turned baby debut when Kara was 3 days old. Tuesday, March 8. […]

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