KARA: 3 Months

Kara turned three months on March 3rd. THREE MONTHS!!! Time always went by fast, but boy does it fly at super sonic speed these days! She now weighs around 12 lbs and is fitting into 0-3 month clothing- finally! She loves cooing and smiling, especially after feeding. Like her mommy, she’s happiest with a full belly 😉 I’ve said it every month, but I can’t believe we have a baby. With that said, she’s the most amazing thing that’s happened to us <3

Kara 3 months

SLEEPING. A few days before Kara hit 11 weeks she started sleeping from 8-10PM to 4-6AM. Hallelujah! But then, my first week back to work, she decided to wake up at 2-3AM again… what the heck, girl!? I think it was just a growth spurt because she is back to her longer stretches of sleep (knock on wood!). We didn’t really do anything to get her to sleep through the night other than not jumping to feed her the moment she fusses. While it’s annoying to still wake up when we hear her on the monitor, we can watch her and see if she’s really ready to eat or just slightly waking. A few times in the beginning she’d fuss, but if she didn’t full out wail, I just let her soothe herself back to sleep. It seemed to work!


EATING. Along with the feeding mentioned above, Kara’s been doing great. She eats well from both the boob and the bottle. I’m still dairy free, although she seems to tolerate it a bit. If I have something with some dairy- say a donut or cookie– she’s fine, if I have ice cream, yogurt or cheese… not so much. For most of her feeding I was still home, but when she had a bottle it was 3oz.

Kara 11 weeks

MILESTONES. We were told when she was born that because she was 3.5 weeks early she might be behind in some of milestones and not to worry. Of course I did/do. So far she’s only about a week behind other babies her age and I’m OK with that. Kara finally smiles and it melts our hearts! I can’t help but take a million pictures of her smiling. She “stands up” like a champ! She is working on that leg strength to be a fast runner 😉 Tummy time is going great, as long as you do it in the morning. In the evening, she falls apart REAL quick.

Tummy time

LIKES/DISLIKES.  Kara is still loving the bath! My guess is that most babies now do. She likes being swaddled into a burrito, her pacifier, crafting and sticking out her tongue. She doesn’t like waiting more than 2 minutes to eat once she realizes she’s hungry- again, like her mom. She goes from happy to hangry in no time and definitely lets you know. She doesn’t like dirty diapers, being in one place for too long (on the mat, in the rocker or swing) or stopping at red lights.

Valentines Day Craft

MISCELLANEOUSWe have ourselves a drooler! You’d think she was already cutting teeth. Bibs are making there way into her wardrobe- ugh. I loved the mix of weather we had this past month. Babies in winter clothes is too cute, but so is seeing their tiny hands, feet and chubby legs. Kara 1 months vs 3 months…

Kara 1 vs 3 months

ME. I experienced my first wave of mommy guilt. I like to think I’m a pretty laid back, not overly attached mom. I mean, I left Kara with Todd after a week to go get ice cream, haha. We’ve left her with my parents a few times and she’s alone with Todd plenty of time. It wasn’t until I started work and couldn’t run that the mommy guilt crept in. My foot started bothering me after Gasparilla, so now, not only was I going to the gym for Body Pump, I was going to do the elliptical, too. That means I left her at 6AM and don’t see her again until almost 6PM. Of course that’s not every day, but I started to miss her more and felt bad. Then I realized, I am a better mom and person when I’m able to work out. During that time she’s mostly with Todd (daddy daughter time) or with my mom and dad (grandparent bonding time) so I have nothing to be worried about!

Mommy Guilt

Going to pick up Kara after a gym sesh.

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  1. Aww happy three months to your babe! I had mommy guilt probably at around 2 months (I started uping her forming since I went back to work at 6 weeks PP). Still have those moments when Im running around with her on busy days and shes at 2 different daycares. But just remember whatever you do is for the best and love is all the need!! 🙂

    • Thanks Sabrina! I can’t imagine having to go back after 6 short weeks! And you’re right… love is all we need <3

  2. She’s an absolute doll! My oldest is almost 3 now, and that mommy guilt never has fully gone away. But just like you said, I know deep down that I’m a better mom when I have some time to focus on things OTHER than my kids 🙂

    • Thanks, Joanna! Ya, I have a feeling mommy guilt comes with the territory and just like worrying, will never truly go away. #momlife haha

    • The drool is going to kill me, haha. How am I supposed to keep her clean and lady like when she messes up all her outfits 😉

  3. aww shes so cute! the mommy guilt will let up, i try to think of it as doing something for the kiddo, working out to stay healthy for them, taking care of your self is super important 😉

  4. I can’t believe it’s already been 3 months! She’s grown so much. I love her little sweet smile <3

  5. Oh, how sweet! She is growing so fast and is so pretty. Mommy guilt is something you eventually get used to. You will always feel like you want/should/need to spend more time with your kids. It’s just in the Mommy DNA. I hope your foot feeling better. Thanks for linking with us Heather.

    • I hope I “get used” to it. I just have to remember it’s for the best! Thanks on the foot- all my fingers and toes are crossed its better soon!

  6. Gosh I remember those days, I didn’t take time for myself when my daughter was little. I regret it now. She didn’t leave my sight for 6 weeks then only when I went back to work. I do remember that first day at daycare, it was about the hardest thing I’ve ever done! Take time for yourself guilt-free, it’s good for everyone!

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