Month: May 2016

Happy Monday folks! Here are some randoms from the past week… What?! How does the below even happen?! I’m sure there will be many more fun positions like this in my future. Green Bean Fries. I’ve been diggin em lately! Have you tried them yet? Our new gym!!! In our old house, we had a pretty sweet set up (see HERE), but I think I like our new gym even more! We now have mirror lined walls, a larger fan mounted on the wall instead of sitting on the bike and still have the portable AC unit to keep things cool […]

Look at me blogging back to back weeks! Funny, as I used to post every other day, haha. Let’s delve right into it… I got my hands on the new Halo Top Birthday Cake ice cream. I love this brand. It’s only 240-280 calories for the whole pint AND has 24 grams of protein. Can’t beat that with a stick! <-please tell me you’ve heard that saying? The texture is perfect if you let it sit for a few minutes- MUCH better than artic zero! Thanks, Jolene for hooking me up! Kara is still not sleeping through the night. Three […]

Wellllll Helllooooo There! Yes, yes I know… It has been forever since I posted. It honestly doesn’t feel like a month has passed, but it has. My apologizes. Life took over one again and blogging got put on the back burner. Get ready for picture overload. Here are some happenings to catch you up… Running has resumed and I am in my happy place! I’ve been running anywhere from 4-8 miles and plan on increasing my long run by one mile each week to ramp up for marathon training. Thaaaaaat’s right. I said marathon training. Not sure which one yet, […]

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