Two Weeks in a Row!

Look at me blogging back to back weeks! Funny, as I used to post every other day, haha. Let’s delve right into it…

I got my hands on the new Halo Top Birthday Cake ice cream. I love this brand. It’s only 240-280 calories for the whole pint AND has 24 grams of protein. Can’t beat that with a stick! <-please tell me you’ve heard that saying? The texture is perfect if you let it sit for a few minutes- MUCH better than artic zero! Thanks, Jolene for hooking me up!

HaloTop Bday Cake

Kara is still not sleeping through the night. Three weeks or so ago she was going a good 8 hours without making a peep and if she did wake, simply putting her pacifier back in her mouth did the trick. Now, she screams for a good 45 minutes (while I’m holding/rocking/walking her) until she goes back down. I gave in a few nights and just fed her, but I KNOW she doesn’t need it and I don’t want it to become habit. I reintroduced dairy, so that may be contributing. Might need to cut that out again. I’m also hoping bumping up her bottle ounces will help. Wish us luck!!!

Sleeping Kara

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that through the MyPanera rewards card, I get a free bagel EVERY DAY! I’ve been good though and only gotten a few. I gave my dad the rewards number so that he can take advantage, too 🙂

Free Panera Bagel

I had an AWESOME run on Sunday… I met my girlfriend Kristin for 10 miles and they flew by so quickly we decided to do 12. She’s coming off Boston and I’m coming back from my foot hurting, so we stuck to a comfortable pace and chatted the entire way. She even brought an outfit for Kara! The picture doesn’t do those tiny running shorts justice 😉

Run and Outfit

Stephanie knew the key to this runners heart when she gave me a “Get back to running” package once I was cleared to run post baby. It included Balega socks (my fave!), gels, a motivational card and a gift certificate to Cristino’s Coal Oven Pizza. If you read this blog before I got pregnant, you know that this place and sushi are my two favorite post run meals. I was so excited to head back here after almost a year and devour my half of the pizza= 2 pieces cheese, 2 pieces prosciutto. SO. GOOD. Don’t mind Kara’s surprised face.


Completely random, but I came across this article on super foods you throw away and thought it was pretty interesting. It’s short and sweet so take a look. As a teaser, one of them is avocado seeds! I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katiefor MIMM and the Weekly Wrap!



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  1. That Nike baby running outfit is absolutely adorable. Love it! Great job getting in 10 miles. After two weeks totally off running I am so happy to be back out there, especially with the beautiful weather we are having.

    • I’m jealous of your beautiful weather! Luckily it’s not TOO hot out yet and we had a random weekend with lower humidity, so I guess I can’t complain either.

    • Definitely check out the ice cream. It’s a total win in my book- although a little pricey. I could eat that pizza every day for the rest of my life, haha

    • Ya teething is definitely on the radar. I don’t see any white caps, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t coming in. Good times, haha

  2. I wish Halo Top was dairy & sugar free because I would be ALLLLLL over it! They sent me a few pints back in the day, alas, I could not eat them!! I do love me some WINK FROZEN DESSERTS though – 100 calorie pints. I eat like 3 a night, HAHAHAHAHAHA! Expensive but DELICIOUS habit! 😉

    • I haven’t seen Wink in any stores… maybe they should send me some to review… just sayin 😉

  3. I’ve absolutely heard the saying “you can’t beat that with a stick”. I’ve never even heard of Halo Top. I’ll have to do some research to see if it’s available in these parts. I hope Kara will go back to sleeping all night very soon. That’s a very impressive pace for your long run. OMG. That is the cutest little Nike outfit for Kara! Thanks for linking with us Heather.

    • Glad I’m not the only one who says/heard that! I’m hoping Kara sleep all night soon, too… she’s killing me slowly, haha. Thanks for hosting 🙂

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