Randoms with a Question

Happy Monday folks! Here are some randoms from the past week…

What?! How does the below even happen?! I’m sure there will be many more fun positions like this in my future.

Silly Girl

Green Bean Fries.ย I’ve been diggin em lately! Have you tried them yet?Green Bean Fries

Our new gym!!! In our old house, we had a pretty sweet set up (see HERE), but I think I like our new gym even more! We now have mirror lined walls, a larger fan mounted on the wall instead of sitting on the bike and still have the portable AC unit to keep things cool and less humid. I still need to hang my medals and random running posters but I’m happy I’ve got my baby back- and by baby I mean the treadmill, not Kara ๐Ÿ˜‰ What’s your gym like?


Gym 2

AB & C.ย Almond Butter and Chocolate. My go-tos lately for curbing my sweet tooth. Is it weird that I add salt to the almond butter?

Almond Butter and Chocolate

Pretty Flowers. This bush is outside of our front door. They blossom so often that there’s always at least one pretty pink flower on there! What kind of flower is this?

Pretty Flowers

And a Pretty Girl… Hey guys!!! Kara has been SUCH a happy baby lately. She is all smiles, especially in the mornings. I put her in her monkey chair while I’m getting ready and she just smiles that big gummy smile ๐Ÿ™‚

Pretty Girl

Successful Run.ย Kara might not let me sleep through the night (although she’s doing a teeny bit better), but she did let meย get in a full 6 miles on the treadmill without waking up! I even had time to stretch. She knows her mommas priorities ๐Ÿ˜‰ Who thinks I’ll get lucky enough to do this again? haha.


And the final question… Is there too much baby-ness on the blog? I’m just now starting to ramp up running and have a decided on a marathon and training plan (more to come on this) and I know I haven’t posted too much about “Heather Running Fast.” It used to annoy me when people posted so much about their babies- like everything they ever did- on Facebook and I hope I’m not turning into that person on the blog. BE HONEST! I won’t think you don’t like Kara, because I know you do ๐Ÿ˜‰

Iโ€™m linking upย withย Erinย for my weekend snapshot,ย Katiefor MIMM and the Weeklyย Wrap!


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  1. Kara is too stinkin cute! Super jealous of your gym – we don’t have a spare room in our house, so I;m stuck with just a few dumbells ahah! I’m a little biased since all I do is talk about my kiddos, but I think you’re fine on the baby front!

    • A few dumbells are better than nothing! I love reading about your kiddos, plus, your blog is ABOUT mommyhood, haha. Just want to makes sure I have a good balance.

  2. Congrats on getting your 6 mile run in around baby time! I know what that’s like. My son is almost 2, but I always have to arrange my schedule around him (and work). It’s a challenge for sure!

    • I’m not sure if it’s going to get easier or harder as she gets older! I was pretty excited I was able to fit in a run AND stretch, haha

  3. I love the home gym! We’re moving to a new home and I’ve been wondering if I want to make one of the rooms a gym, but this really looks great! Kara is very cute, so funny how she’s sleeping with her leg hanging out like that! Glad she’s doing well. I’m a new reader to your blog so I have no objections to hearing about your baby…she’s cute and obviously a huge part of your life!

    • Do a home gym! It saves SO MUCH time. Thanks for reading and glad you enjoy the Kara-ness ๐Ÿ™‚ She is a pretty awesome baby!

  4. Nice gym!!! We don’t have much…our foam rollers, some yoga mats/blocks, and some bands…sit next to your tv.
    Kara is a BIG part of your life…if you want to put her on your blog you should. She is cute!!
    Can’t wait to see what marathon you are going to run!!

    • Thanks for the reminder! I need to break out my foam roller!!! Seems like keeping Kara around on the blog is A-Ok ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m excited to finally talk running more again though!

  5. Your plant looks like a Hibiscus bush. (My Mother was big into gardening and I learned from her.) You’ve got a very nice set-up for a home gym! It’s awesome you were able to run 6 miles without interruption too. Kara is part of your life and a huge part of what you do every day. You can’t leave her out. I can’t believe she got her feet out of the crib like that. It looks like she was trying to cool them off. LOL. Thanks for linking with us Heather.

    • I wish I knew more about plants. My grandmother can tell you what any random flower is. I’m very lucky to have that gym! And I agree- Kara WILL be apart of the blog, I just don’t want to turn HRF into a complete baby blog- which would we easy to do, haha. Thanks for the link up!

  6. If you’re comfortable doing so, share away! If people get “annoyed” by kid pics they can move right along and miss out.

    Soooo jealous of your gym set up!

  7. I crawled out of my baby bed, they say when I was like 2 that’s when they knew I needed a training bed.
    You are so very lucky to have a home gym too! I so wish I did! Do you just eat the almond butter by the spoonfuls like I do? It’s so tasty! Kara is too sweet! Post all you want I mean really how can you not love baby pictures right?!?!

    • Almond butter is usually eaten on a spoon for sure! and yes, very lucky to have the gym ๐Ÿ™‚ I personally think all her pics are super cute- but I may be a bit biased ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I always blog about what’s relevant in my life, and BABY IS RELEVANT. So keep sharing what feels right. Maybe a little more of AB&C cause omgaahhh yum.

  9. Green Bean Fries – roasting them in the oven = BOMB FRIGGIN’ DIGGITY! Yep, they bring THAT kind of speech out of me… The WEIRD STUFF – ha! But seriously, SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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