Some Favorites Lately

Here are some favorites around HRF lately…

Pool Time.  We’ve been loving spending time at the pool. Living in FL where almost everyone has a pool and spending time around the water (beach/lake) is a constant, we want Kara to be very familiar and feel comfortable in the water. So far so good.

Pool Time

Rain Jacket. I got this bad boy on sale at Target for $12 from $40! Perfect for a light sprinkle run or a quick walk into the office. Afternoon thunderstorms are a daily thing here and I’m thinking this will come in handy!
Rain Jacket

FOOD! Delicious eats having been going on, per usual. For my mom’s birthday we had a Greek feast. Everything homemade. Sure, cheesecake isn’t Greek, but it’s what she wanted and it was SO GOOD.

Greek Food

#GlobalRunningDay. Logged a nice 8 miler to celebrate <3


National Donut Day. Ya, I just wanted the frosting. I like to call this balance (?)

Donut Frosting

Ellie. Kara got this adorable aden + anais elephant lovey from a close friend and she takes it everywhere! I’m trying to find another one just in case (or should I say, when) something happens to it, I’ll have a replacement. They are so expensive though…


Zevia. Not sure how I feel about this yet. I need to try other flavors. It is overly carbonated, so letting it sit out helps. Anyone else had this?


Halo Top Party!!! I freakin love Halo Top. I hung out with my speedy friend Jolene the other day (she’s starting a blog and I can’t WAIT to share it with you guys) and her kids were having an ice cream party so her and I played it smart and had a Halo Top party. 240-280 cals per pint AND 24 grams protein. Yes Please. See that girl cuddling Kara? She’s just like her mama and SUPER fast! Watch out for her. She’ll be doing BIG things on the track/ XC!!!

 Halo Top Party

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Give me some of your favorites…

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  1. Kara is so stinking cute I can’t get over it!! I just tried Halo Top for the first time and was VERY impressed. Although a bit disappointed because I thought it was dairy free and it’s definitely not. I’m not completely dairy free, but real ice cream can do a number on my tummy sometimes! But 240 calories per pint? Ummm, I can eat the whole pint and not feel guilty?!! Yay!!

    • I was super impressed the first time I tried it, too. I was expecting an Artic Zero kind of thing (bleh) and was pleasantly surprised! I feel NO GUILT eating a whole pint. That’s just ONE serving of regular ice cream calories wise and who only eats 1/2 cup ice cream. HA

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