Balance, Running and Father’s Day

Last week was a pretty good one. Here’s what went down…

#Balance. There are treats at work ALL.THE.TIME. I’m making sure to YOLO, but at the same time, balance it out with lots of veggies and healthy eats. Roasted butternut is back in my life full force. Remember when I used to eat huge plates of it at a time?


Mid Week Early Morning Runs. I am a morning runner 100%, so having to do most of my runs in the afternoon after work is not my fave. Todd and I have worked out a system for me to get runs in before work, and although I have to get up pretty early (I have to pump before I run), it’s totally worth it… especially when I get back before Todd takes Kara to daycare <3 Post run noms of homemade strawberry jam (like we did here) and toast are pretty awesome, too!


Running Buddies. I had 14 miles to do Sunday and my normal running gal had a race Saturday. I was lucky enough to have Jacquelyn (the super fast girl and Kara’s future babysitter) join me for the last 6 miles. It worked out well because I held her back a bit and she pushed the pace a bit. It was good team work!


14 miles. I was pretty happy with this weeks long run. I started out kind of slow- in the 9:00’s- but gradually picked up the pace. I really think the full glass of Nuun while I pump before I run, along with drinking Nuun All Day is really helping my hydration. I stopped by DD on the way home for an iced coffee and it was glorious- it’s freakin HOTT here!


Happy 1st Father’s Day Todd! Kara and I made this cute canvas art for Todd as his first Father’s Day gift. You can buy these off of various sites and they personalize it with your kids name, birth date or whatever you want, but we took the DIY route and made it with Kara’s footprints so it was super special <3

Father's Day

Happy 1st GRANDFather’s Day. It was also my dad’s 1st Grandfather’s Day and Kara wanted to make him a craft, too… My dad loves golf, so this card was perfect! We made it at the same time we made Todd’s Birthday card, so the feet are sand traps instead of greens, but I still think it’s cute!

Foot LionHole In One Card

Father’s Day Food. Both my dad and Todd are big steak fans, so to celebrate the wonderful Dad and Granddad we had steak, baked potatoes and broccoli (don’t knock the ketchup on the broc until you try it!). OF COURSE for dessert we had my mom’s homemade Chocolate cake with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting. It’s seriously to die for. All of her cakes are.


How was your weekend/ Father’s Day?

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  1. Glad to hear you’re getting back into morning runs! I can’t wait to be more regular with my morning runs – being 40 weeks pregnant, it’s gotten a little more difficult. Way to go in dealing with all those temptations – and happy fathers day 🙂

    • I think you have an excuse for missing those morning runs! I know everyone says it, but get the sleep while you can, haha. Excited for you!

    • Aww thanks! We tend to get so many pictures of Kara and I, and not as many with Todd… glad we were able to get a good one <3

    • The funny thing is, I don’t put it on many things and I can’t even remember how it started, haha.

  2. The DIY craft and cards are so cute! I can’t imagine running in the afternoon heat. I’m glad you are able to go in the early mornings again. Iced coffee is my favorite treat after a long, hot run! Thanks for linking with us Heather!

    • I love doing baby crafts! It’s sometimes a whole day project, but so worth it. Iced coffee is perfect any time 😉

  3. AWWW! Celebrating the first father’s day! How friggin’ REWARDING 🙂 One day. ONE DAY… I will celebrate that. SOOOOOO WEIRD to think! GAH! And freaky!

    • Yes, one day you will and I’ll be so excited for you! ahhh a little GF, SF, DF bun in the oven 😉

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