Running Thoughts and Last Week

Running Thoughts. Man. Running is so much harder with a kid and full time job, in the summer heat/humidity, haha. Who knew?! I’ve been riding the mental struggle bus lately and I need to snap out of it. I’ll be in the middle of a tempo run and question why it’s so damn hard, when I used to be able to push myself in that same situation. Maybe by paces are too aggressive or I’m starting out too fast. I had a great run with Jolene last week and I let her dictate the pace (she’s fast). I didn’t look at my watch and just ran. It was a good mental boost that I CAN run faster.

Jolene Run

She (Jolene) has been a saving grace for me. As we all know, the mental aspect of running is HUGE. Her and Todd give me THE BEST motivational/pep talks. I keep forgetting that I popped a baby out 7.5 months ago and before that was on bed rest and before that was on the elliptical exclusively. But then my mind tells me that there are other women out there killing it post partum, so why can’t I? Ahhh the comparison game is so evil and adds to my struggle.




My run Sunday was TOUGH and my Garmin screen was set wrong and I couldn’t tell what paces I was running my tempos at. I thought I was doing them too slow and come to find out I was doing them too fast- which would explain why I couldn’t hit my last two tempos (which were actually the paces I SHOULD have been running the first 4 at.) I pushed hard and finished, but I’d be holding back the truth if I didn’t tell you I questioned (out loud to the girl I was running with) whether or not I could do this marathon. See- struggle bus. To top it off, I chaffed SO BAD…


And yes, I used Body Glide. It actually looks worse today. Overall, I’m proud of that run and realize that I did better than I thought, but the fact that it was so tough mentally scares me a bit. Sorry for all the running word vomit. Guess I had more on my mind than I thought 😉

Vietnamese Lunch. As my training plan ramps up and I have a few midweeks runs that are long and tough. I had a 14 miler last week on Wednesday and then had to go into work- sheesh! Todd picked us up some yummy banh mi’s, a bun and beef pho to refuel. It was DELISH! They make the rolls in house. You know how important the bread component is for me, haha. If you’re in Tampa, definitely check out Thinh An Kitchen & Tofu!

Vietnamese Lunch

Coffeemate Creamer. I need to kick this habit. I’ve tried in the past, and Riley tried to help, but I always circle back. I’d really like to enjoy coffee black, but man, I’m having the hardest time!

Coffeemate Addiction

Independence Day. I never posted a picture of Kara’s cute 4th of July outfit! The back has a crocheted (super weird word) section. It’s really cute 🙂

July 4th


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  1. Wow, mama, you are amazing for getting out there and getting a run in, and don’t let the comparison game get you down. I hope you can get in restful runs this week, and that the chafing isn’t so bad. 🙁 And you also really look beautiful and happy.

    • Agreed! Dumb comparison trap. My mom got Kara that outfit. She loves finding cute things for her 🙂

  2. First off, your little girl is absolutely a doll! I love her 4th of July outfit

    Second, training as a mom to a little one is a big challenge!!! Especially in the < one year old months. Cut yourself some slack, do your best and keep rockin' it.

    After my first baby, I remember waking up at 4:45 to run after being up with him numerous times… tired mama. Baby years are a tough season, but as many seasoned moms have told me, "The days are long but the years are short." Amen to that! Now I wish these kiddos didn't grow up so fast…

    • Kara’s almost 8 months and I’m already feeling the “days are long, years are short” thing. Thanks for the encouraging words! As you know, it can be tough getting up, but I keep telling myself- You GET to run, you don’t HAVE to run!

  3. You are doing awesome!!! I think we all compare ourselves at least to our old selves (meaning what we use to be able to do one or two years ago). But don’t let that get you down. Cut yourself some slack! Beautiful pic of you and your daughter!

    Visiting from the weekly wrap!

    • Thanks, Meranda! I compare myself to my old self WAY too much. But then I remember I wasn’t working, didn’t have a kid and had all the time in the world… of course it was “easier!” Happy Monday!

  4. Please don’t tell me I need to kick my Coffeemate Creamer addiction. LOL. You should cut yourself some slack. You’ll put in that hard work and get to where you want to be. And remember, there are people out there making comparisons to you. They would give anything to be your speed. Kara is so cute in her outfit. Thanks for linking, Heather.

    • You know what.. you are SO right. I need to think of it from a full 360 perspective. Thank you for that 🙂

  5. I am going to Vietnam at the end of the year… So thanks for introducing me to some of the food – HA! I am totally not going to be able to eat a lot of foods when I am there – LMFAO! WHOOPS!

  6. You are strong and keep working on the mental strength!!! Training is the hard part!!! Give yourself a little credit….its a little different training for a marathon these days!! 🙂 Keep up the good work!!

  7. To me, marathon training is just as much about the mental strength with regards to comparing yourself to others–during your runs and in general. What I tell all of my runners: Run Your Own Race. 😀
    And then you’ll be Desi and Meb and Rupp at the marathon trials.

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