Running, Cake and Babies

Mid Week Speed! I mentioned last week that I was on the struggle bus mentally and having a tough time with my speed/tempos. Well, my mid-week quality run was a success and big confidence booster. Disclaimer- I did this run on the treadmill and I feel like it’s always easier to hit your paces on a tread, but still… it boosted my confidence.


Baby Pool Party! One of my mommy friends had a bunch of babies over to splash around in the pool 🙂 My how pool parties have changed. BabyPoolParty

20 miles! This was an “easy” week for my long run. And by easy, I mean there wasn’t any speed mixed into my long run. It was super hot and humid out- the joys of summer marathon training, right?! We’ve got Kara’s toys and momma’s toy 😉 I love a naked (with a diaper of course) baby!


New Skin! I showed you a picture of how bad I chaffed on my last long run (it’s worse than it looks) and I was so worried the whole week about it not healing. It’s so weird because it chaffed well under my bra line. I’ve switched up bras, used body glide, even bandaged it up, but I was worried for 20 miles of rubbing and sweat. The bottom pic was after my 20 miler. The new skin worked like a freakin charm! I applied 3 coats the night before and to my surprise it held up 🙂


Dad’s Birthday Dinner! Surprise surprise, my dad wanted ham and asparagus lasagna. Usually he has this for Father’s Day, but this year he had to share that meal with Todd, thanks to Kara <3, so he went with it for his bday. And of course, my mom’s chocolate cake!


I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katiefor MIMM and the Weekly Wrap!


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  1. Love the baby pool party picture! What a cute bunch. Great job keeping up with marathon training in the heat. And wow look at those paces. Have a great week!

    • It’s cute until they get tired and start crying, haha. Luckily Kara held it together. We tried to get a group photo on the couch after and it was hilarious.

  2. Congratulations on the 20 miler and no more chafing. In this heat, we can’t be too concerned with pace ;). The baby pool party is simply precious as is Kara. What I wouldn’t give for a piece of your Mom’s chocolate cake right now. Thanks for linking, Heather!

  3. What a cool tip on the new skin! I had really bad chaffing after a rookie mistake wearing something not only new but non-running attire in New Orleans last year. It was Halloween and I had to have a costume! I paid the price for about 2 good weeks!

  4. I tired to comment on this from my phone when you first posted, but my phone app didn’t let me past the first photo. So I sat and stared at the cake. Similar to what I did this time.

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