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Marathon Pace Run. This weeks long run was a 13 mile marathon pace run with 2 warm up and cool down. The weather forecast was supposed to be thunderstorms all day, starting around 5AM, so my running partner and I decided to check the radar when we got up and decide. If it was pouring and/or lightning I’d stick to the treadmill. Thankfully, the meteorologist were wrong (aren’t they always) and it didn’t start raining until 2/3’s into our run. Even then it was just a sprinkle. By the time we finished it was really raining and it cut our stretching short.

The run was tough, and again, I rode the struggle bus a bit towards the end, but Kristin is a great motivator and I actually did the last mile at 7:56. My marathon pace will be 8:00 but to adjust to the heat/humidity I wanted to hit 8:15-20. We were successful and hit 8:13 🙂 And just an PSA- Gels do go bad. I took one at mile 8 of the pace portion (mile 10 total) and it had wafer like pieces come out. It tasted fine, but ya… who knows if it actually did anything. Maybe that’s why I struggled toward the end 😉

The Surprising Benefits of Training in the Heat. This article gives me hope that all my summer training is worth it and hopefully I’ll kick butt in Ohio in October! As long as I keep up the other running essentials (foam rolling, hydration proper nutrition, stretching, sleep) I should be ready to toe the line healthy and ready to BQ! Kara likes to remind me…


DATES! Todd got back Saturday from a two week work trip to Israel and brought back A TON of dates! They are SO freakin good and the perfect post run fuel. This picture doesn’t do the amount justice.


Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee! Cold brew coffee is all the rage now and this brand was BOGO at Publix last week, so I had to get some to try. It’s pretty darn good! They say you can drink it cold or hot, but I’m not a fan of it heated up. It’s really good post run!

Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee

Halo Top. My Halo Top game is going strong. Can’t stop won’t stop… not even to pump 😉

Halo Top Pumping

Graze Box. I got a coupon in the mail for a free Graze Box, and since I’m a sucker for free stuff, I used it. The snacks I got were pretty good, but nothing I’d actually spend money on. I could get more bang for my buck just getting something at the store- which I realize defeats the purpose, but still. I need bigger snacks than that, haha.


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    • They sell it everywhere now! Cheaper than getting it at a coffee shop, but I guess not as fun, haha

  1. Ha, I love the Halo Top and pumping pic. That’s the story of my life – but I ran out of HT recently! Eek. The store near me doesn’t sell it so I have to take a drive to restock.

    • I want to try a few flavors that my store doesn’t have, so I went to the website to order some and holy moly the shipping is outrageous!

  2. I need more Halo in my life. I debated on purchasing some yesterday, but decided against it. The price kills me. Why can’t it be a little cheaper? 🙁 🙁 🙁


    pss. SO happy Todd is back!!!! Enjoy your family time.

    • Ya, it’s expensive even on sale, haha. I figure, I never go to Starbucks so that’s my treat 🙂 It was a great weekend for family time bc it was overcast and rainy… perfect excuse to be lazy.

  3. That’s a very interesting article about heat training. There’s hope for all of us southern runners! I think you did a great job on your long run. It’s wonderful to have someone to motivate you. I’m going to check my local Publix for that cold brew coffee. Thanks for linking, Heather!

    • I want to post every article I read about the heat and training because it helps me so much, but I don’t want to get redundant. Hope you can find the cold brew!

    • I freeze any left over coffee in ice cube trays so that when I want iced coffee my ice cubes don’t water down the coffee!

    • I’m definitely ready for cooler weather but know we won’t be seeing it here in FL for MONTHS.. ugh!

    • I just read on a blog about Nitro brewed coffee at Starbucks that’s supposed to taste SO GOOD. I believe it’s in your region, so you must try it and get back to me 🙂

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