Let’s start with the beginning of last week. I caught this sweet moment and it made my heart melt.


I changed the wallpaper on my phone to this image. Being Fierce is kinda my thing with the marathon.

I run to be fierce

I killed my Wednesday tempo run! My mid week tempos on the treadmill have been the only thing keeping me positive during this training cycle. Hopefully this means in great weather I can really hit decent paces!

Wed Tempo

During the week, we usually get to work around 6:15/30AM, which means that Kara is dropped off at daycare around 6 AM. On Fridays, I typically run outside with Jolene in the wee morning hours and I came home to this note from Kara after my 8 miler last week <3 I’m pretty sure it says GO Mommy Go! and that she loves me.

Karas note

On Friday’s I also tend to get out of work a little early and last week I headed to Jolene’s for a Halo Top party! WE mixed all the flavors because we can 🙂


Saturday we went to the pool with my parents and Kara had a blast! She is really starting to love the water and splashes and kicks so much. She LOVES her Nana.

Nana Pool

Then Sunday I had THE BEST long run yet! I FINALLY hit the pace I wanted in a workout outside. My actual pace goal time is 8:00min mile, but to adjust for the heat/humidity, I was shooting for an 8:20, so I was over the moon happy with the 8:12. I did struggle a bit the last 2 miles, but NOTHING like I had been. I was unable to try the salt tabs- still figuring out how that works- but I did use 2 gels this time instead of 1, ate a crap ton of sodium Saturday and really concentrated on my hydration Saturday- Nuun!

8_21_16 LR

Of course we watched the Men’s Olympic Marathon, ate pancakes (my fave right now are the Kodiak Protein Cakes because they have a great ratio of carbs and protein!) and just laid around being lazy. Then I took my butt to Whole Foods for some more post run noms: veggie ratatouille, sweet/spicy beef, zucchini, curried chicken, tortellini, seaweed salad (I took one bite and wasn’t a fan), Moroccan quinoa salad, orange chicken and mac n cheese baby! I love that you can get both healthy and not healthy options.


Overall, it was a really great week, both running wise and life wise. Here’s to another week of awesomeness!

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  1. Fabulous job with that tempo run, you killed it! I have such a hard time with those. and your long run rocked too, what marathon are you training for? I am running my second marathon (but first in 4 years) in 20 days and I am so excited and so nervous.
    Love the sweet note from Kara 🙂

    • I’m running the Towpath marathon in OH. Tempos are my fave “speed” workout- when I can nail them, haha. GOOD LUCK in your marathon!

  2. You are so amazing!!! In the BFF department, mommy department, marathon training department… I could go on and on! Keep up the great work!!! Love you!!

  3. Wow! You are crushing your workouts. Great Job! I love just veggin out the rest of the day after a long run. That was not the case this wk. I had to work after my 11 miles. But I if I didn’t get it in I would have regretted it. It made for a long day!

    • I know how you feel! My mid week runs are 10-14 miles and I have to go into work after… you’re right, SUCH a long day!!!

  4. Wow! You really nailed those runs and paces this week. Kara is so cute in her swimsuit. I must say that Nana’s are simply awesome (you know HoHo is my granny name, right? LOL). Thanks for linking, Heather!

    • I JUST got mint chip at our store and it is now my fave. In order after that I’d say: lemon cake, birthday cake, vanilla, mocha chip, strawberry, chocolate.

    • Aww, thanks lady! I know it’s super random, but I think of you every time I have my dates (the fruit) before my longer runs 🙂

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