A 5 Day Weekend!

Well hello there! Those of us in FL had a 5 day weekend because of hurricane Hermine. Schools/daycares were closed Thursday and Friday (therefor I worked from home) PLUS being off for Labor Day. Actually, I worked from my parents home, so that they could help watch Kara and I could actually get work done, haha. Anyone with kids knows that they love technology and lights so my dad picked out a laptop for Kara to work on 😉


Friday was a short work day, as I had accumulated lots of hours earlier in the week, so Kara and I headed to Jolene’s for a Halo Top Party! Kara and I love hanging out with her kids- all 4 of them. I filled a 3/4 full Mint Chip pint with Mocha Chip and Vanilla. Mmmmmm. Kara knows the good stuff when she sees it! Thanks, again Jolene!


Saturday started with an easy 4 miler and then a lunch date with Stephanie! Can you tell where we ate based off the picture? This was the first time I put Kara in a high chair while eating out (we don’t eat out much, haha) and she loved it… For about 1 minute, then she was ready to get out and play!


Sunday was my long run. I had an “easy” 22 miles on tap. My usual running girlfriend couldn’t make it so Jolene met me for the last 4 miles. And it’s a good thing she did. I killed the first 18 with an 8:30 pace- now you have to remember, it’s 75 degrees, 70% humidity and 77 dew point at 5:30 AM. BUT I went out too fast and the weather combined with my crazy nursing hormones cause me to sweat WAY more than normal- 7lbs lost to be exact. By the time I hit 18 miles I was beyond dehydrated. I started feeling light headed and had to stop 2 times to walk. Had Jolene not been there for the last 4 miles, I wouldn’t have done them. She was a life run saver. Yes- I look rough. #reallife #BostonBound


Sunday afternoon was a BBQ at a friends house. Her husband made brisket in his Big Green Egg and it was beyond delicious. We had homemade mac n cheese, loaded baked mashed potatoes, green beans, baked beans and a jicama slaw. I had this plate times 3 plus a brownie and strawberry tart for dessert. Long Runs= All The Food.


Kara decided to wake up earlier than normal Monday- booo! I usually take Monday as a rest day, but decided to get in 5 miles so that I didn’t have to run on a work day. My legs actually felt fine! I woke up with a headache though, almost like I had a hangover, from being dehydrated. And let me tell you, I drank a TON of water Sunday. Oh! When I got home Sunday after my run, I got THE.WORST. quad cramp trying to get out of the car. Anyways, we went to my parents for more BBQ, but kept it low key. It was delicious and spending time with my family is always the best <3

Parents BBQ

And last but not least, my Medium Long run on Wednesday. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, these runs (on the treadmill) are the main thing boosting my confidence. Knowing I can hit those paces, even if it is on the treadmill, keep my mind in the game.


Have a great (short) week my friends!!! I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katiefor MIMM and the Weekly Wrap!


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  1. And here I thought I was livin’ the dream with a 4-day weekend! ;P Glad you had an awesome (and packed! :O ) weekend! That BBQ looks delicious and now I’m kinda craving it, haha. Great job on all your runs this week!

    • Thanks! I don’t think I’ve ever had a “weekend” that long before and doubt I’ll see one like it for a looooong time! I want more of the BBQ, too!

  2. Congrats on the long run, that’s amazing. And all your BBQ food looks so good! I’m definitely ready for fall, but I want to be able to cook and hang outside for awhile longer! I guess you don’t have to worry about that in FL though, 😉

    • Nope! It’s never too cold not to BBQ here, haha. In the “winter” we’ll light the grill to make s’mores since we don’t have a fire place.

  3. Kara’s fuzzy little head is so cute! Great job on the long run. Sometimes I lose that much even when I drink enough. It’s crazy. It takes a few days to replace it too. You definitely should try salt capsules. I take one about every 45 minutes in the summer. Thanks for linking, Heather.

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