Brownies, Babies, 22 & Pumpkin

Last week was a short work week and it flew by! Hopefully that’s not going to make this week feel even longer. And hopefully the coffee with pumpkin spice creamer that I’m drinking right now helps 😉 Let’s jump right into running… my midweek workout went well. I think I was still feeling the affects of losing so much water weight from my Sunday Long Run, as those first 7 miles were tougher than normal. I was still able to bang out the tempos and felt great after.


You know what else was great? This freakin brownie! It was so ooey and gooey and perfectly under baked. I want one every day. It’s the perfect brownie.

Perfect Brownie

Friday morning was officially one month until the Towpath Marathon (Oct 9) and I celebrated with a sweaty run with Jolene. I love our Friday runs and look forward to them each week. This lady has 4 kids, is super speedy and is a great friend 🙂

Friday Run

Friday was also Kara’s 9 month check up!!! Can you believe it!? I owe you guys some major updates on her, haha. Our pediatrician’s office has each room decorated with a different theme and this visit we we’re put in the pet shop. Kara loved “petting” the kitties and puppies. It was too cute.


Saturday I did something pretty fun with my mom and sis, but I’m saving that for another post, so let’s skip to Sunday… I told you guys about “The Winchell Method” of carrying gels a LONG time ago, but here’s a quick reminder- I safety pin them to the band of my shorts and then flip them inside. That way I can pull one out and tear off the top easily!

Winchell Gel Method

I took a salt tab right upon waking and drank a large glass of Nuun while I pumped and ate my banana and dates. I have a new found love of dates as prerun fuel- small, nutrient dense capsules of sweetness. I headed out hoping to get revenge on 22 miles. And that I did.


Last week I ran a 8:43 and felt HORRIBLE after my run. This week, I still struggled a bit the last four miles and my pace dropped to high 8:50’s BUT I didn’t stop and felt better at the end. I only lost 4.5 lbs of water weight, as opposed to 7 lbs last week. I really didn’t do anything different other than add a few more sips of water, so who knows?! I also finally jumped back on the pumpkin bandwagon and bought pumpkin spice creamer and had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. I’m so excited for fall- or at least pretending it’s fall.


Kara also partook in the pumpkin eats! She tried some of my pancakes (Kodiak Cakes) and I mixed some into her baby oatmeal 🙂 I went to Whole Foods again for my post run refueling and took it to Jolene’s to hang out with her kids and talk marathons. Who’s run the Houston Marathon? Tell me all about it. She also hooked me up with some CTC (Cinnamon Toast Crunch for those of you not in the know) for the win. Sugary cereal just hits the spot sometimes.


You know how I’m a LEGEND Compression Wear Ambassador? Well, they have a $100 Giveaway going on throughout October. Head over there using THIS LINK and enter for your chance to win 🙂

Legend Compression Wear

And that’s all I’ve got folks! Here’s to another productive running/life/work week! I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katiefor MIMM and theWeekly Wrap!


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  1. It looks like you were crushing it with your marathon training! Glad you weren’t as dehydrated this week. The humidity has been killer! I do know how you deal with it in Florida. I haven’t broken out the pumpkin yet, but I can’t wait! You may have inspired me

    • I don’t know how I deal with the humidity either… I’m pretty sure I ask myself why I live here at least twice a week in the summer, haha.

  2. I’m all over the pumpkin bandwagon…English muffins, cream cheese, coffee creamer, lattes, on and on… I can’t believe Kara is now 9 months old. I hope her head will stay fuzzy like that for a while longer. 😉 That is a very clever idea with the GU. When I run long distances, my hands sometimes go a little numb (especially in cold weather) and I struggle getting those things open! Thanks for linking, Heather!

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