And Another Week Passes By

These weeks are just ticking by huh? Here’s a recap of some fun stuff (and of course running!) from last week:

Does anyone else plan/set out their outfits for the week? I find it so helpful in the morning. Side note- half of these shirts are my mom’s. Double wardrobe baby.


I submitted a product request to my local Whole Foods for the Mint Chip and Mocha Chip Halo Top flavors and they actually got them! Jolene and I’s Halo Top parties have been even better now 😉


My mid week run was a killer but I nailed it. This is the longest midweek run I have to do and I really didn’t want to go into work after, haha. The 4 miles before and after the first tempo really got my legs fatigued and it was harder than the other tempos I’ve done. You know you got a good workout in when you run INSIDE and your shoes have sweat marks, haha.


Friday I came into work after a great 5Am run to a special treat… my first PSL! It was tasty but uber sweet. Followed that up with a Pumpkin Pie bagel from Panera and it was a pretty good start for a Friday!


We have a loft upstairs that we honestly don’t use at.all. but plan to turn it into a playroom as Kara gets older. It’s a perfect space for kids to play. I found this “art” at HomeGoods and thought it was perfect for our future playroom.


My last LONG run of this training cycle was Sunday and it was a 15 mile pace run. Of course it was still hot and humid out, so I adjusted my pace accordingly. My goal pace will be 8:00/mile so I can hopefully hit a 3:30. I ran this at a 8:12 last time and just wanted to do the same this go around and ended up a second per mile faster on much more tired legs. So I was happy 🙂

15mile pace run

For lunch we dropped Kara off at Nana and Grandpa’s and went out for Indian. It’s funny, we went to this place almost exactly 3 years ago! (and took the same picture) It was just as good. My only regret… not eating enough naan 😉


When we got back to my parents, Kara was napping and I was jones’n for dessert so my mom and I went to Publix and picked out two things. A yo-yo cookie (2 cookies filled with frosting) and an almond cone filled with cheesecake. The cookie was super underwhelming, but the cheesecake thing was pretty good. I just had half of each.


Hope everyone has a great week, eats yummy food, gets in some good exercise and doesn’t work too hard 😉 I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katiefor MIMM and theWeekly Wrap!


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  1. Um a PSL AND Pumpkin bagel in the same day sounds like a genius idea, I might need to do that this weekend! And as for outfits I feel like I wear the same thing every particular day of the week. Monday is capris with a grey top, lol.

    • Ya I went full on Pumpkin Friday, haha. I tend to wear dresser stuff at the beginning of the week and slowly taper to more casual for Friday.

  2. Great job on that 15 mile pace run! I don’t think I’ve ever run more than 10 before work. I would be asleep at my desk in the afternoon after 16 miles. I’m enjoying ALL the pumpkin flavored food! Cute playroom sign too. Thanks for linking, Heather!

    • Right?! I was honestly surprised… or maybe they already had it planned, but I’ll go with me being the reason they got it 😉

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