Kara, Running and Food… the Usual

I totally published this with no intro and only the days of the week bullet points… my bad, so since I’m editing it, I might as well go ahead and introduce my wonderful, amazing, support friend Jolene and her new blog Zebra Girl Runs. She’s a mother of 4 who is killing the running scene. So much inspiration, information and fun will be on her blog, plus, she’s fast and getting faster! Her kids are awesome and are so good with Kara and her hubby is a great guy, too. Check her out 🙂

Monday: Kara was a silly girl and kept getting stuck under her monkey chair.


Tuesday: (6 miles on tread- 8:35 pace) We went to Fresh Kitchen for an employee appreciation lunch. People had been raving about this place, so I was excited to try it. It’s kind of like a Chipotle but with more options and not Tex-mex themed. I got the 6 bowl: pick 2 bases, 2 proteins and 2 veggies. Quinoa and salad, steak and citrus chicken, brussel sprouts and broccoli. It was delicious!

Fresh Kitchen

Wednesday: Did my mid-week workout: 3 warm up, 2 x 3 miles @ 6:50 w/ 3 miles in between, 2 cool down= 14 miles total. This went well and was comfortably hard, but my quads were pretty sore after. Good thing I had some Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Ravioli to replenish my lost glycogen 😉 These babies are back and they are so good! Here’s another post about them.

Trader Joes Pumpkin Ravioli

Thursday: (6 miles outside- 8:50 pace) Went to my parents for dinner. This has become a weekly tradition that I am loving. My mom picks Kara up from daycare and I run on the trail after work with a girlfriend from work. I then head to my parents, shower and enjoy dinner! Usually my sister is able to make it too, she’s loves Kara time. A bonus is that my mom cooks healthy!


Friday: (8 miles on tread-8:35 pace) My quads were still really sore from Wednesdays run, so I stuck to treadmill for this morning run. I got off work early and new I was going to get some froyo (pumpkin pie, blueberry muffin, chocolate) so I balanced it out with a juice I got Tuesday I Fresh Kitchen. Fresh pressed and delicious!


Saturday: (4 miles on the tread- 8:35 pace) This week was very treadmill heavy. I was really trying to save my legs for my long run and I think it worked! They weren’t sore at all come Sunday. We spent most of Saturday lounging around, running a few errands and playing with this sweet girl!


Sunday: Long run- 4 warm up, 2 x 3 miles @ 6:50 pace w/ 4 miles in between, 2 cool down= 16 miles total, on the tread) I ran this same workout two Wednesday’s ago but the tempos were at 6:53. I know it’s only 3 seconds, but hey, I feel like it’s a win 🙂 I was nervous my quads were going to flare up and debated doing 2 mile tempos instead of three, but I was feeling good (and not feeling my quads) so I stuck with 3 miles. I ran this on the treadmill to again, give my body an “easier” time (no pavement pounding or dehydration) and build my confidence that I CAN hit those paces- which just aren’t doable outside for now in the heat/humidity.


I did things a bit backwards in the food department… after longer runs, I always crave something sweet and since it’s the perfect time to replenish my glycogen stores, I hit up dessert first! I picked up some treats from 4 Rivers Smokehouse (they have a Sweets Shop) and they hit the spot! I obviously dug into them before I remember to take a pic. The Whoopie Pie was AMAZING and huge! From left to right: Bayou Bar (pecan shortbread crust with a sweet cream cheese filling), 7 layer bar, brownie. The brownie was underwhelming, the 7 layer bar was good but the bayou bar was the standout of those three and unexpectedly delicious! They all matched perfectly with my cup of joe. And yes, I shared a few bites with Todd. Lunch was another rendition of Whole Food’s random goodness!

Wow this was a food heavy post… Hope I didn’t make you too hungry 😉 I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the Weekly Wrap!


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  1. Yes this post made me hungry!!! Ahh the sweets! You’re not the only one who chooses dessert first sometimes, lol!
    Great job on the workouts this week. Smart move keeping the longer runs on the TM until the heat subsides-
    Your paces are already super speedy and I know you will just get faster as the temps drop!

    • Thanks, Brittany! I may be biased, but Kara is pretty cute, huh?! 😉 One reason I love the blogging community so much… motivating each other!

  2. I wanna go to a FRESH KITCHEN. I friggin’ love CHIPTOLE!! I will never ever turn down a lunch date there, ha, so I know I would love Fresh Kitchen. Lets go together and NOT share our meals with one another 😉

  3. Awesome long run on the treadmill! I still can’t get over Kara’s cute fuzzy head. Adorable. I crave something sweet after a run too! I usually let myself indulge, especially after a race. And I always want coffee with it. Thanks for linking, Heather!

    • Fresh Kitchen is pretty cool place! Hopefully they’ll expand! And thank you, Kara sure is a sweet girl 🙂

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