KARA: 4-10 Months

Get ready for a lot of collages!


YUP! It’s been over 6 months since I did an official Kara update. She has obviously changed A TON and gotten SO MUCH more fun! Not gonna lie, months 1-4 were trying and challenging. Trying to get Kara on a schedule and figure out what she wanted was hard! It didn’t help that up until then, she didn’t do much. Sure she’d randomly smile and wiggle around, but the up-all-nights and cry-fest after 5PM stood out more. THANKFULLY we got in a groove and things got better… you hear that new moms… things get better, haha.


Kara was 4 months in the pics above. Her hair was so dark! She started rolling over at about 4.5 months and that’s when the fun began. Hitting “milestones” are so fun. Not that you should really put a timeline on things because every baby does stuff on their own timeline. Every time she does something new it’s just so amazing.


At 5 months, we started baby oatmeal. She loved it, like her mom does. She started blowing bubbles and talking more. We took her to free baby swim lessons which she didn’t hate, but she didn’t love. She just seemed to go with the flow. Had my first Mother’s Day <3 Still going strong with the pumping and nursing. Kara is such a happy baby and her personality started to come through.


Half a year came and went. But I knew it would. They always say, time flies when you have kids and I knew that. We soak up every moment with our girl that we can. Kara’s hair started to thin out. No more full dark hair. Her 6 month doc appointment went well and she took her shots like a champ. She started eating baby food other than oatmeal and so far isn’t picky at.all. She also started the crawling motion and holding her own bottle during feedings, which is AWESOME!


Not much changed between 6 and 7 months. She turned her army crawl into a real crawl, which is fun. She continued to try new baby foods and be a happy baby. Her giggling was contagious and super cute! Her schedule was more narrowed down and she typically had an hour nap in the morning and afternoon.


At 8 months, things started to get real fun. Kara was pulling up and standing (while holding onto something) like a champ. She talks non stop and is happy 90% of the time. She’s a girl on the move! Her hair is still wispy and gotten so light. She also started eating more table food with us during dinner and pancakes on the weekends 🙂


A friend of ours said that once babies reach 9 months, you are good to go- and I totally agree! Kara has become so interactive, mobile, fun and just so darn awesome. People say to watch out when they starting moving and how hard it is and yadda yadda yadda… well, I am LOVING it! I love chasing her and having her follow me around. It’s the best! Can you tell we like having a naked baby? haha.


 We are currently in month 10 and like month 9, Kara is just fun. That’s the best way to describe her. She still hasn’t said “mama” (OK, she did ONCE, but we haven’t heard it since) but she dadada’s and has her own conversations all the time! She loves to shake things and point with her index finger. She’s also standing on her own for a few seconds at a time I know walking is right around the corner!

Below is Kara’s nursery/room. I’d like to put something over her crib, just not sure what. I figured the gray and white stripped wall is something she can grow with. Nothing is painted pink, so if she becomes a fan or purple or blue or yellow, that will work with the room.


If you made it all the way through this post, thank you, haha. I kind of wish I had stuck with the monthly posts so I would have more details each month, but life gets in the way. Not to mention, I feel like monthly baby posts get so redundant. As Todd says, that’s why we have a million pictures to look back on and know exactly what she was doing and when. Hope you enjoyed a gagillion pics of our sweet Kara. She is pretty amazing and fills my heart with love <3

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  1. She’s such a cutie! I completely agree with the babies getting more and more fun each month. You think it can’t get any better, and then it does. That’s how I felt with Grant constantly, and now that we are over the 4 month hump with Davis, I’m seeing it with him too!

  2. SHe’s SO BIG! Oh my goodness. And adorable. I’m totally with you – once Ryan was moving around I found it a million times easier – he was so much more likely to entertain himself!! I know everyone says it’s much harder, and some parts are, but I definitely think that in a lot of ways it’s easier – especially in terms of entertaining and going out.

    • Yes! I totally agree! Ya, I have to pay closer attention to her BUT she entertains herself more and gets so excited to move around. Her genuine curiosity is awesome.

    • I’m just so behind with Kara posts, haha. Marathon recap will prob be up Monday- or in person if we can make it work!

  3. Love it! I totally agree, so much more fun as they get older. And it does get better after the first few months. Lots more fun ahead as she gets to walking. I love watching Trevor walk all over and explore now that he is even more on the move!

  4. Oh I LOVE the monthly onsie pics! I wish I would have done that when mine were that little!
    Time and life REALLY DOES speed up after you have children! I literally blinked and my oldest turned 13
    Hold tight to these little moments, they pass much too quick!
    OH and congrats on your marathon btw! I checked out the results and holy wow!!!!! I can’t wait for the recap!!!
    You are one speedy lady, supermamma!

    • Thanks, Melissa! I’m cherishing EVERY moment. I say that as I type this and Kara is sleeping on me feeling horrible from croup 🙁 Hence the lack or race recap post, haha

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