Kara’s First Travel- Ohio

Can I just say that I think I was more nervous about traveling with Kara than I was about the race? Planning for this trip took a lot of time… mainly because I’m so Type A and didn’t want to forget anything, but also because there was so much to consider both “stuff” wise and logistically. Let’s start with the easier stuff: booking flights- we took a good 2 weeks to decide. I got everyone’s opinion and between that and flight costs, we crossed our fingers that early morning flights were best.

Kara Coffee

Our flights left at 7:30 AM and 6:30 AM and both had layovers in Atlanta. I was worried about the layovers (~1hr), but I think it was good for Kara to be able to be up and moving around versus “sitting” the whole time. We laid a blanket on the floor so she could crawl around a bit and have a second where she wasn’t held. She did great and we couldn’t have asked her for anything better! Gosh I love that girl!


Then we had to consider weather. The temps in Ohio were going to be mid 40’s to high 60’s- MUCH cooler than Kara was used to. Needless to say, we didn’t have many clothes in her current size for the occasion. Of course my mom pulled through and got her a few cute outfits- thanks Nana! Had to make sure we packed a big blanket for the stroller during the race, a hat, socks, long sleeve onsies, leggings… all stuff we don’t use in FL right now. For me, I had to make sure I got fierce

Fierce nails

I also had to make sure I had everything for the race, including my outfit and warmer throw away clothes for the start.  That was the easy part though. I couldn’t forget my pump, all the parts, extra bottles, extra bags for milk, the actual milk for Kara, etc. We ended up bringing frozen bags of milk in a cooler with us on the plane. TSA had to check them and the bottles of milk we brought for her, but everything about that went smoothly. The whole planning process was a bit stressful, as I didn’t want to forget anything that Kara needed, but in the end we had everything and it all worked out!


We flew out Saturday morning and headed straight to the expo when we landed, then to our hotel for a bit before meeting up with Jessie and her awesome family. We met through blogging (when she lived in Kuwait) and I was BEYOND excited to finally get to meet her, the girls and her husband. We had a yummy dinner and it felt like we’d been old friends <3 Sunday was the Marathon and Kara was so excited…


Ha! She was sleeping at the start and finish of the race, but I did get a high five from her around mile 17. That was super sweet and gave me the little kick I needed. After the race we went back to the hotel, I showered (I was getting hungry so I didn’t wash my hair so we could leave earlier, ya I know, I’m gross) and we left for the Westside Market. We got a bunch of yummy food and really enjoyed walking around.


Kara slept well in the hotel cribs- much to my surprise, as they looked super uncomfortable. Another thing I needed to remember to bring was a crib sheet. I just didn’t trust the cleanliness of what they provided. I was even able to pee and pump in the mornings without waking her! To put her to sleep, we pretty much had to go to bed around 7:30 each night. Turn the lights off and stay in bed until she fell asleep, which didn’t take long. She’s such a good girl <3


On Monday we had a lazy morning and headed back to the market for lunch… and sweets- OBVIOUSLY! Delicious, fudgy brownie with cream cheese and chocolate chip frosting, a huge gyro and a chicken/bacon/cheddar crepe.


Next stop was apple picking at Patterson Fruit Farm. They had dwarf trees, so it was perfect for kids! The apples were DELICIOUS and we snacked on a few while we picked. Kara loves apples, so she partook in the sampling as well! They had a pumpkin patch and a fun path to walk along, so we grabbed a fresh apple fritter and enjoyed our afternoon.


That pretty much sums up the trip. We flew out early.com on Tuesday and I even worked a half day from home that day! We had a successful first travel experience with Kara and overall a great trip! Of course, it didn’t hurt that I spanked my race goal 😉 OH! Check out these awesome arm sleeves my mom got me for the race… they helped me channel my inner Jolene- aka ZebraGirlRuns– who is super fast!

Zebra Arm Sleeves

Have a great Monday my friends!!! I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the Weekly Wrap!


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  1. The photo of your daughter in her monkey pajamas stole my heart! Soooo cute!!

    Congratulations on your marathon! I’m hella impressed that you ran 26 miles so soon after having your daughter 🙂

    • “Hella” I need to start using that again! And thank you 🙂 I love PJ’s with things on her butt, they are just too cute!

  2. Yay again congrats on a great race!! And a successful trip with Kara. She’s a champ! And I’m glad you got to go to Pattersons- I love that place!

  3. I never had to fly with an infant. I can just imagine what level of extra stress that would add to travel. I know you were relieved to have it go so smoothly. It looks like a fun trip! Kara enjoyed her apple picking! And, I read your marathon recap. Congratulations on that BQ qualifying time and placement. You paced that race beautifully! Thanks for linking, Heather!

  4. Oh wow look at that big girl on an airplane! So glad to hear she did well for the whole trip! I can not imagine having to pack everything for the both of you!
    Looks like such a fun trip and yes I love the zebra arm sleeves!!!

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