My Birthday = So Many Sweets

My birthday was pretty food-centric this year- when is it not? And by food-centric, I mean so many sweets! Warning: Do not read if you are trying to avoid sugar…

It started at work… a girlfriend brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies with frosting. And left the bag of frosting at my desk- not cool (but very yummy)! Then, a candy apple (caramel, pb, chocolate, white chocolate, mini M&M pieces) was delivered to my desk. I can’t escape it… people bring stuff to my desk ALL.THE.TIME.


A lady at work remember a conversation of ours from a while back about my liking fake banana and she got me a huge jar full of banana runts with “Heather’s Sweet Treats” on the front. I thought it was a super thoughtful gift and now everyone in my area is enjoying them!

Banana Runts

As usual, we went to my parents for my birthday. Have I told you guys how much I love hanging out with my family?! 😉 We had grilled chicken salad with all the toppings. For dessert, I really wanted pumpkin cake. I had plenty of cream cheese frosting from the cookies above so I kind of wanted chocolate frosting. While it isn’t a normal combo, my mom accommodated (as always!) and made a bomb diggity cake (again, as always)! Look at all the frosting. Yes.
Pumpkin Cake with Chocolate Frosting

My sister won the Best Sister Ever award and got me a bunch of Halo Top. She looked for their new flavors (they just came out with 10) but couldn’t find them anywhere and they weren’t available on their website yet either… what a tease! Anyways, I was pretty excited about it! Yet another thoughtful-and yummy- gift.


Then, as if the cookies, frosting, runts, cake and Halo weren’t enough, PREPPED– a wonderful company that makes heat and eat meals delivered to your door- sent 4 ginormous cupcakes to me with a sweet note saying Happy Birthday and hoping that Kara felt better. Well… she is, look at that sweet smile. I just love her to pieces. Obviously I had to try a bite of each right then. Of course I couldn’t stop at one bite… ugh, no self control, haha. They were delicious, so THANK YOU!


But wait! There’s more! We had my work birthday lunch yesterday. We went to Seasons 52. We got the artichoke and goat cheese flatbread, lump crab/roasted shrimp/spinach stuffed mushrooms and kabocha squash ravioli for appetizers. I ordered the Wood Fire Grill Filet Mignon, which came with broccolini, 3 mushroom medley and sweet potato mash. My girlfriend ordered the Lobsert BLT Lettuce Wraps with butternut squash soup and caramelized brussels sprouts with crispy bacon. Dessert= pumpkin pie and raspberry cannoli! Everything was delicious!


I’m thinking I had a pretty great birthday! Lots of good food, sweet treats and quality time with friends and family <3 Here’s to another great year! Time to link up for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

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  1. Oh yum!!! What a fun way to celebrate your birthday. All those sweet treats!!!! It makes me really wanna bake … hope Kara’s feeling good as well!

  2. Just read the post after our emails about the protein cookies. You are not helping me since I’m so hungry today! All the food looked amazing!

    • Yaaaaa… that was probably a bad post to read when your hungry, haha! You should hit up Whole Foods hot bar!

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