Giraffe, Nut Butters, Running and Food

This weekend was MUCH more laid back than last, but lets start with last week. Monday morning we drop Kara off at daycare and an hour later we get a call that she probably has Hand Foot and Mouth disease, which is a nasty (highly contagious) virus that causes blisters on their hands feet and mouth. I packed up my laptop and told my boss I’d be working from home. Monday was Halloween (doesn’t it seem so far away now!) and Kara was a baby Giraffe. We ended up taking her to the doctor that evening so by the time we got home Kara lasted a good 15 minutes outside handing out candy. That’s OK though, she was still super cute 🙂


I stayed home Tuesday as well. The doc was pretty sure she didn’t have HFM but she had a rash all over, so we monitored it. We were told to keep her hydrated so that we did! Kara LOVES drinking from my Nuun bottle. Seriously. She has a cute little purple and pink sippy cup but she goes for this bottle every.time. The one I got in Boston 🙂


I got two awesome deliveries last week! One from Buff Bake as part of their #buffbaketribe on Instagram and another from a giveaway on Kim Hoeltje’s youtube channel- a bunch of Lions Pack products! I really liked the Buff Bake nut butters. The Snickerdoodle is super yummy but the White Chocolate was my fave!!! I wasn’t a huge fan of the cookies though 🙁 They were too much like protein bars, unlike the Lenny & Larry’s one’s I’ve had.


The Lions Pack stuff is delish and so different from anything I’ve had before. It’s all made to order and is super fresh. Each product is infused with over 20 nutrient dense superfoods, vitamins/minerals, & antioxidants… and you can’t taste it one bit. The cookie dough didn’t taste like cookie dough at all, but was super yummy and packed full of M&M like candies and chocolate chips.

Moms dinner

My mom picked up Kara Thursday. This is a weekly tradition that I love. Kara get’s out of daycare early and spends time with the grandparents, I get to run on the trail and my mom makes us dinner. Win Win Win. I had another great run with Jolene Friday morning. Keeping that cadence above 180.. yes! I have a few of my favorite things while I stretched and cooled down… Nuun and Halo.

Favorite things

Finally… to the weekend 🙂 Saturday we just hung out. We tried to hit up the pool, but it was too cold, so we pulled out Riley’s old pool and warmed up water for Kara to play in. She loved it.


Sunday was pretty much my perfect morning… woke up to cool weather (think 60’s people, haha), had a great run, came home to a napping baby so I could watch the NYC Marathon and eat a piece of left over birthday cake and sip on hot coffee. I LOVE coffee and sweets together. and what better time to eat them then after a run when my muscles need glycogen?! That’s what I tell myself to make me feel better about eating cake at 9:30 AM, haha. Anyways… it was a fantastic morning!

And that sums it up! Sorry for all the links. I figure I put them in there just in case people are curious. If you don’t want to click you don’t have to, but at least the option is there 🙂 Speaking of… I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the Weekly Wrap! Have a great week my friends!


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  1. Aww I got a call last week to take our son home from daycare too – they thought he had a contagious illness called Fifths Disease but it also turned out to just be a rash. Love the giraffe costume!! She is so so cute!

  2. I prefer the Lenny and Larry’s cookies over Buff Bakes too, but their nut butters are delicious. And those Lion’s choice sound yummy too! And hope Kara’s rash gets better, that must be a scary call from the daycare!

    • I’ve heard the MyProtein Cookies are even better, but haven’t had the chance to try those. Her rash is all gone- woo hoo!

  3. Aww baby Kara looked adorable as a baby giraffe!!! Hope the rash is clearing up and she’s back to her old self! And girl, I have totally eaten bday cake before 9am after a run. Muscles gotta have glycogen, and that’s my scientific justification, lol!!
    Oh yeah I clicked on the link about Riley’s pool and I couldn’t finish it. our 14yr old beagle mix passed away 15 months ago and wow. It even made me tear up over my rescue dog I had found as a child. That dog was my BFF and was even in my senior pictures as well as my bridal portraits. I’m not an emotional person but I cried for 3 days straight when she passed. ☹️
    On a more positive note I’ve got a foster dog who just had puppies last week! 11! They will be ready to adopt by Christmas, just so you know!

    • Dogs really are like children! I still miss Riley and think about her all the time. Congrats on your puppies! I wouldn’t feel right getting a puppy right now, as we both work 9 hours a day with driving. I’d feel bad leaving her alone all day. One day we’ll get another dog though 🙂

  4. Kara makes an adorable giraffe. I hope her rash is better. The weekly tradition of having grandma pick up Kara is fantastic. Plus, you get a nice run with food afterwards too? WOW. I think coffee with something sweet is the perfect treat after a long run! Thanks for linking, Heather!

    • Ya, Nana loves picking her up! And I love how sweet my dad is with her. I’m always thinking of the next sweet treat for after my run, haha.

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