Mid-Week Long Run / Speed Routine

Here’s my typical Wednesday workout routine: I wake up around 4AM, drink a full glass of Nuun and eat something while I pump. Usually it’s dates and/or a banana. I follow that up with some foam rolling and leg swings to get the blood flowing.

I jump on our treadmill and get to work! I like doing these mid-week runs on the treadmill, especially during the summer. It enables me to hit the paces I want without having to adjust them for the heat humidity. Plus, I can start super early and still feel safe. This weeks run:

11_9-runMy fave part of Wednesday’s run is when Todd brings Kara in. She gives me a high five or a just a huge smile and it gives me that extra push! When I finish my run, I drink some BCAA’s while I cool off and stretch. Followed by consuming a sweet potato or toast with jelly or Halo Top or some other leftover carb with a bit of sugar- be it applesauce, dried fruit, berries, ect.Sweet potato

I shower and put on lotion. I let my hair air dry while I make pancakes to take to work and sip on coffee. I love the Kodiak Power Cakes because they are the perfect ratio of carbs and protein and made with good ingredients.


By now my hair has dried a little bit, but to make sure I don’t start to sweat again while I blow dry and straighten my hair, Todd had a brilliant idea to set up a fan that blows to keep me cool 🙂


Once my hair’s dry, I get dressed, put on my make up- eye shadow/liner and mascara, I’m a simple girl- and head out. The traffic can be rough depending on when I leave so I’ll either A) skip making pancakes and just do my hair at work or B) call Jessie while I sit in traffic. If I go with “A” I’m into work around 7:30-8AM, if I go with “B,” I get in closer to 9AM. Then it’s time to work (after I get coffee of course ;)!

Phew… Wednesday’s are long days, but are totally worth it. I usually go to bed shortly after Kara Tuesday nights (around 8ish) so I get plenty of sleep. We all know how important that is. It takes planning and a lot of support from my husband to train like this so THANK YOU to him <3 Sorry for the lack of Kara pics! Happy Friday and Happy Veteran’s Day!

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