Quick Weekly Recap: Running and Cake

HAPPY 6 YEAR ANNIVERSARY to Todd and I! I don’t know what I would do without him! He is such an amazing father, husband and friend. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him, his love and support. I’m super lucky to have him by my side for the rest of my life <3 Love you baby!

Wedding Photo

Now here’s a quick rundown of my week before the start of a new one! It started with an exciting text from one of my best friends… her water broke and her baby boy was on the way- almost 4 weeks early! A day later I was able to use my lunch and go visit them. He was .2 oz smaller than Kara and I almost couldn’t believe she was once that small. What a handsome guy…


That morning I had run my midweek tempo and nailed it. I love being on a runners high before going to work. The same thing happens on Fridays when I run with Jolene in the morning. It’s my favorite run of the week and the miles just fly by! She is going to do big things and is such a great support!

Jolene Run

Saturday I ran in my neighborhood 5k. It was a small production but super fun to get out with our community and be active! I didn’t get any pictures but I got 2nd woman 🙂 I didn’t really race it, as I knew I had a 20 miler with tempos the next day. They had Panera bagels/coffee and Chick-fil-A chicken minis afterwards. Perfect to “carb up” before my Sunday long run…


There a few things to say about this run… the last time I ran this workout I did the first 2 tempos at 7:20/7:23, this time 6:55/6:54 and the last tempo at 7:45 vs 6:59. Granted, the weather was probably 15 degrees cooler and I’m not pumping anymore, but I was happy with that. I really wanted to hit 6:50 like I do on the treadmill, but it was still 85% humidity, so I’ll cut myself some slack 😉 I remember after this run the last time I was DEAD. This time, I felt good and strong.

Stuffed Peppers

Sunday afternoon we celebrated my sisters birthday. She requested her usual bday meal of stuffed peppers and they were delicious. My mom really is a great cook…and just as great of a baker! Kristin wanted the super rich (3 stick of butter) White Chocolate Oreo Butter Cake and my mom delivered! This bad boy was SO GOOD. When I call something rich you know it’s REALLY sweet and heavy because there aren’t many (if any) desserts that satisfy me with one piece, haha. And my family goes big with slices…

White Chocolate Oreo Butter Cake

I’m just going to leave you with that collage of deliciousness. Mmmm I could go for another piece right now with my coffee! Man another post without a Kara pic. #momfail… next time you’ll see her smile 🙂 I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the Weekly Wrap! Have a great week my friends!


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  1. That cake looks AMAZING! I’m always impressed with people who can run (and run long) before work… I have not found a method that works for me for morning runs. But it definitely looks like you had a great week of runs!

    • The cake WAS amazing! Getting up early and lots of planning is how I do it. Certainly not easy, but worth it! I hate running after work!

  2. That cake looks and sounds like a whole lot of yum! 3 sticks of butter yum!

    Congrats on 6 years 🙂 my husband and I hit 11 years over the weekend! Time goes by so fast, especially once kids show up

    • Congrats on your 11 years! I have a feeling I’m going to blink and we’ll be there, too! Hope you guys did something to celebrate <3

    • Awww thanks girl! I tried to still go pretty natural with my make up- you know your girl doesn’t do the girl thing, haha. If I look half as good as that cake, I’m happy 😉

  3. I’m drooling over here looking at that BEAUTIFUL Oreo butter cake. 🙂 And congratulations on 6 years! I hope that you might have many many more blessed years together.

  4. Happy Birthday to your sister! It was also my birthday this weekend but I did not get an Oreo cake made for me. That looks so delicious. Maybe you can share the recipe sometime. I bet you felt like you needed a run after a slice of that…haha.

    • Happy Belated Birthday! I’d send you a slice if there was any left! I was happy I got in a 20 miler that morning… not gonna lie!

    • Happy Belated Anniversary to you! I loved our wedding! The weather was perfect and not everyone and their mother was getting married.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Congrats on the improvement of your long run. It’s so satisfying to see the numbers on a run like that and to feel strong afterwards! That cake looks decadent. Like you, I rarely use the words “too rich” when describing a dessert. What does that even mean? 🙂 Thanks for linking, Heather!

    • Thanks for commenting on the run! I know the cake is super awesome but I was really stoked about that run. haha! I always give people the oddest look when they tell me they can’t finish a dessert because it’s too rich. And then I finish theirs haha

  6. Thanks for the compliment girly! You are amazing how you juggle Kara, work and training!!! Your mother needs her own blog for these amazing cakes! What a reward for nailing that 20 miler!!!

    • You’re my inspiration! I only have to juggle one kid… you have FOUR! Cake is always the perfect reward, haha

  7. Happy anniversary!! Looks like a solid training run with fast paces!( I need to try that workout soon- or at least a modified version)
    The food and that CAKE, omg. Your mom needs to start sharing recipes!!!!

    • Definitely try that workout… it’s a killer but great! I should create a page with all her recipes and pictures.. hmmmm 😉

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