5 Things Friday

#1: Found these at Publix… Trader Joe’s riced cauliflower is $1.99 for the same 12 oz bag. BUT Publix is much closer to me than TJ’s and these were good! I like that they have something like this in a main stream grocery store 🙂

riced cauliflower and broccoli

#2: Buff Bake Protein Cookies… I was sent a bunch of Buff Bake stuff for being apart of their #buffbaketribe. I wasn’t a huge fan of the other cookies, but this one was much better! It was much less “protein bar like” and I really liked the white chocolate chunks and peanut pieces! These make for a great afternoon snack, especially when I want something sweet- pretty much always 😉

Buff Bake Protein Cookie

#3: Missing a spot… Do you ever randomly miss a section when you shave?! I must have missed that long hair a few times, sheesh!

missed a spot

#4: My girl… Kara loves her daycare (it’s an at home daycare) and Ana will randomly send me pictures of Kara doing fun things throughout the day. This is the most recent. Seriously though, how cute is she.


#5: Sushi… We tried a new sushi place for lunch and I was so let down. Do you see how little rice there is on those rolls?! Ugh. I run. I need carbs. I want rice. The taste wasn’t that great either. Bummer. We’ll stick to our usual place from now on.


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