22 Milers & Kara’s Shenanigans

Last week was all about my baby turning ONE! So this week, let’s start off with my other love… Running 🙂 I had to move some of my runs around these past few weeks and that ended up with me having my last two long runs be 22 milers. Last Sunday I set out with my girlfriend Kristin (who I ran with for all of Towpath Marathon training) for an easy 22 miles. It was in the high 50’s/low 60’s for the run- so cold for us, haha. Since there was no workout/speed portion of the run I decided to use it as a depletion run. I had a slightly bigger breakfast and didn’t take any gels during the run. I had Nuun with my breakfast- as usual and took water every 2.5 ish miles.

Towpath 22 miler

BOOM! I don’t know where this came from, but we ended up with the same pace I ran the Towpath Marathon in! And I could’ve easily done 4 more. This was a major confidence booster!!! We didn’t set out for any particular pace and rarely even checked our watches, so I was SO Happy when I saw our pace! This Sunday’s long run wasn’t as fast, but was still a great run. I was feeling a little under the weather- I’ve got a head cold or something, lots of pressure in my head and my lymph nodes are a bit swollen- so I wasn’t expecting anything great. Again, I was happy with my 8:02 pace and happy to have another 22 miler int he books.

8 02 pace 22 miles

One more running thing… Every time I finish a run, Kara notices when the treadmill noise stops and pushes the door open to come say Hi! I usually stretch a bit right there since I have the fan blowing on me and she plays with some toys we have in the gym for her. Here, she was putting her little animals into the hole and getting so excited about it…


Also, I want to point out the pace of the run above… it’s around an 8:40 I think… It’s good to have a few runs a week that are slower. Your body needs some easy miles. Kara has been getting in some “miles” herself! She loves the little Radio Flyer Scooter thing my mom got her as part of her bday gifts. The bike pic just cracks me up.


Kara has been a big help with the dishes lately 😉 She loves to take all the silverware out and make sure it’s really clean. This entertains her for a good 30 minutes. This is why toys are highly overrated, haha.


And I’ll just leave you with this…

Kara Phone

I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the Weekly Wrap! Have a great week my friends!


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    • She’d be in there the whole time if she could! Must be from all those pregnant runs I did, haha. My dog used to love sitting in there with me, too <3

  1. Can’t wait for our run this weekend! You’re so ready to crush that Towpath time. Love the picture of Kara on the bike!!! She looks so proud of herself on a big girl bike!

    • I can’t wait either! I hope the weather is nice!!! Kara is the best thing ever! I’ll pull up the blog at work and just stare at her pictures, haha

    • Well the 22 was part of Disney Marathon training, but yes… it was just an easy run. Seems like just yesterday we were in a van, all sweaty talking about how I wanted to get pregnant 🙂

  2. Wonderful job with those long runs! I apologize for not know, but are you running a January marathon? Or just running 22 milers for fun? One of my kids used to stand on the dishwasher door (stellar parenting, yes?)! He was infatuated with that machine. Kara is mobile! Just look at her on those wheels. Thanks for linking, Heather.

    • I never really announced it on here (silly me!) but I’m doing Disney Jan 8 🙂 Kara has sat on the door before but I’m afraid she’s getting too heavy!

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