Friday, It’s Friday!

I had THE BEST marathon pace run on Wednesday. Thanks to summer like temps, getting super sick and work, I had to put off the pace run  I had planned for last Sunday until sometime this week. Thankfully, Jolene was able to help me out! She met me at my house and dropped of water bottles on the way. The temp was cooler than it had been all week (low of 60- woot woot!) but the humidity was still 85%, so I knew I needed water. We left bottles and gel on the back of her car, too.

elite water bottles

Jolene would run ahead grab the water and hand it to me… I seriously felt like an elite. I took 2 gels and got water 3 times. I was so nervous about this run and I (we) knocked it outta the park. At mile 10ish we were at a 7:44 pace so we definitely negative split those last 5 miles! I was able to chat more throughout the run, which is always a good sign, and finished 1 second faster than last time 🙂 I’m still riding the runners high!

2nd marathon pace run

Just a mid December afternoon in Florida…

Dec Afternoon

Jolene found some of the new Halo Top flavors and we had a taste test! My verdict: Smore’s, Cookies n Cream, Red Velvet= Meh. They were OK. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not throwing any of them away! But they weren’t anything to write home about and I wouldn’t purchase again. Black Cherry, Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter Cup= YUM!!! Highly recommend these 🙂

Halo Top Pyramid

They had Santa and an elf at our local grocery store so I decided to test the waters… Glad these bad boys were free, haha. Does it make me a bad mom if I don’t spend $30 on “professional” ones?


We went to Roy’s for our work Christmas lunch. I got the trio: Hibachi Grilled Salmon – Misoyaki “Butterfish” – Blackened Island Ahi, with the Melting Hot Chococlate Souffle (Flourless Chocolate Cake with a Molten Hot Center – Raspberry Coulis – Vanilla Bean Ice Cream) for dessert. Everything was amazing.


I hope everyone has a Happy Happy Holiday, whatever you celebrate! Enjoy your family friends and good food! Linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!

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  1. I’m a cheap-o and refuse the ridiculous mall Santa prices!! We usually go get the free Santa pictures at Church or sometimes at Bass Pro Shop…#noshame

  2. I don’t ever remember spending money on Santa pics when my kids were little. Of course, that was eons ago (they’re now 22, 19 & 17 LOL). It seems we always were allowed to take our own pics with Santa in the mall (?), or he’d make appearances at local events/neighborhood parties.

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