Mumbo Jumbo Monday


Happy New Year! I’ve got a bunch of randomness for you…

We semi recreated Christmas last week, but it didn’t really go as planned… when does anything with a 1 year old, haha. Kara didn’t really want to sit and open gifts- obviously- but we got some cute one’s of her looking at the tree and holding ornaments.

My dad got me this mug and my mom MADE the wreath for Christmas. I LOVE them both so much- both the gifts and the people 😉 I have a Like A Boss shirt, but it’s too small (it was in my pre trying to get pregnant days, in which I had to gain weight) so this mug is perfect… can’t grow outta this one!

Fave Christmas Gifts

And Kara’s favorite gift was the table my parents got for her. It’s a nice wood table and chairs that’s perfect for her to site at and play. I can’t wait to color and have tea parties at this table <3

Karas Table

My last run of 2016 was with Stephanie. We haven’t run together in forever and it was great getting in some miles with her 🙂 She had a 20 miler so I joined her for the last bit. I got in 8 glorious easy miles at an 8:20 pace.

Last run of 2016

And my first run of 2017 was a good one! My last “long run” before the Disney Marathon… I don’t think I officially announced that on here- opps! It’s Jan 8 and I’m pretty excited/nervous- per usual! I’ve already started carb loading with a slice of my mom’s White Chocolate Oreo Butter Cake!

First run of 2017

This is the current state of my left foot… no bueno. I had a blister UNDER a blister. How does that even happen? I’m hoping it will dry out and be A-Okay for next this weekend. (Ahhh!)


I’ll be drinking out of this mug this week, too, to get my mind in the Disney mode! Jolene got this for me and after all the help she’s given me this training cycle (all the easy runs through the week PLUS pace run 1 & pace run 2) I can’t thank her enough!

Mini mug

Hope everyone has a great first week of 2017! I’m linking up with Erin for my weekend snapshot, Katie for MIMM and the Weekly Wrap! Have a great week my friends!


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  1. I was wondering how I completely missed the fact you were running Disney. You’ve been nailing those speedy paces and will have an awesome race. That blister looks painful! I hope it won’t give you any trouble. Your Mom did such a great job on the wreath. I wish I had a piece of one of her fabulous cakes to carbo load with! Thanks for linking, Heather. I’ll look for you on Sunday!

  2. Happy new year!! Good luck this weekend-You’ve been nailing your workouts so I’m sure nothing but wonderful and magical things will happen at Disney!
    That blister within a blister better heal ASAP. No one has got time for that!!
    And seriously- please post your moms recipe for that cake! Omgosh I’m drooling over here and have to have a slice!!!

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