Two Days Out From The Disney Marathon

I got a blister under a blister on the bottom of my left foot… a week before the Disney Marathon. Seriously?! I usually run a few 1200’s 5 days before the race and I was worried about my open blister so I wore a blister pad covered with duck tape (I read several things that said duck tape will stay in place) and it worked great! Why not take the day off? Well, I wanted to test out running this way in case it didn’t heal enough. I wouldn’t want to go into the race trying this out, it not feeling good and me having to stop to remove it. I’d be pissed! Other than covering it for the run, I’ve let air out and it’s doing pretty good!


Speaking of those 1200’s… I warmed up with 2 easy miles, did 4 x 1200 meters @ 6:45 with 400 meter rest, 2 easy cool down miles= 8 miles total, on the treadmill. Everything felt great! Although, I’m getting another mini blister on the tip of my second toe. Again… what the heck. In happier news… This kid. I love her so much!


Just like I taper my miles, the few days before a marathon I like to taper my veggies, i.e. fiber. I’ve been enjoying my veggies roasted with lunch while I can! I also like to up my carbs- obviously. Sushi is a great way to do that. White (easily processed) carbs with a little protein and fat= perfection.


The weather for the race is making me nervous! I know this isn’t cold for most of you, but for me IT IS!!! I’m hoping I choose the right thing to wear, as I haven’t trained or run in these temps in a long. time. To top it off, that wind! Ugghhhh! Hopefully it’s at our back 😉


I got in ONE LAST Friday morning run with Jolene. She is also running Disney and we are actually going there together as a girls weekend. She’s the one who talked me into a 2nd marathon before baby #2… and I love her for it! My blister was MUCH better! I’m so excited (and nervous!) about the race, but know either way it will be an awesome weekend with my running BFF <3


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Have a great weekend and send me fierce vibes for Sunday!!! Linking up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness for the Friday Five 2.0 linkup!

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    • Aye! Ya, I guess I shouldn’t complain, haha! This FL girl just isn’t use to temps this low! I think the wind is what I’m most nervous about…

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