Disney Marathon Weekend

Disney Marathon Weekend was just that… Saturday to Sunday. Wham Bam thank you ma’am! I picked Jolene up around 10:30 after we both got to spend time with our families before we left for the short weekend. We made the hour and 15 min drive to the ESPN Wide World of Sports in the cold, windy, rain to pick up our bibs.


I had shirts made for us with our “mantras” for the race and instagram handles on the back. I think they came out pretty cute 🙂 We wore them Saturday and Sunday after the race, along with our Boston jackets, that don’t get much use around here, so that was a treat, too!


Not sure why that bottom pic is so blurry 🙁

The expo was weak, especially for it being a Disney race. Our Gasparilla expo puts it to shame! None the less, we walked around, met Bart Yasso, took some pics and headed out.


We checked into the hotel and headed out for dinner. We got Pei Wei (my first time) and it was delicious! I got the ginger chicken, steamed, with half brown and half white rice. I was really impressed and can’t wait to go there with Todd some time- he would love it.


In case you didn’t know, the race starts at 5:30AM and since they have to shut down so many roads you have to get there before 3:30AM. This means that you have to go to bed at early-o’clock. We tried to hit the hay at 8PM but I didn’t have much luck. I couldn’t sleep for shit. I probably got 2 hours total, especially with the 2:30AM alarm clock. It is what it is. We got up, got dressed, ate (I had a bagel like back in the day) took my fierce photo and left for the race.

Disney Fierce Photo

I decided to wear my Legend Compression socks and a long sleeve shirt, both of which I hadn’t run a long run in- YOLO, haha. But with the feels-like temp being in the 20’s and the crazy wind, I wanted to be prepared. We were lucky enough to have a friend pick us up from the hotel versus having to take the bus. The benefit to this is that we could wait in the car- i.e. warmth- instead of out in the elements from 3:30AM until we needed to head to the corrals.


We were lucky enough to grab a spot in the medical tent and hang out for a bit. Again, like the car, this was huge. We were able to put hand warmers in our shoes to keep our toes warm (such a good idea!) and just keep warm overall. There were plenty of porta poties which was nice because the lines were never long. We left the “staging area” around 5 to walk to our corrals (A for Jolene, B for me) and made it JUST in time! The walk was about 10 minutes!

For sake of the length of this post… to be continued…

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  1. Aww bummer about the expo not being that great, I remember Disneyland being pretty awesome. In comparison to my other bigger races it was pretty legit. Disney races are so fun though, I just love the magic. I hope this was a blast for you guys! Can’t wait to hear about the race.

    • I think the weather took away from the magical-ness haha. But It was fun! A LOT of people stopped to take pictures with the characters- I didn’t have time for that 😉

  2. Ahh i want to know what happens next! I was thinking of you this weekend when I heard about the awful weather and that Saturday’s half was cancelled. Hope it was a good time!!

    • I felt so bad for those half marathoners but it was definitely for the best in terms of safety. They got great options to defer, park hopper passes or a Disney credit PLUS the medal! I’ll have the rest by this week 🙂

  3. ❤my shirt so much! Thank you girl! That was one cold morning waiting on the race to start. We were really fortunate with the ride and tent! Love your fierce photo!

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