Disney Marathon- Part 2

Disney Marathon Weekend Part 1!!!

We left off with us JUST making it to our corrals… Literally 5 minutes later, Mickey counted us down, the fireworks went off and the race was under way. If you recall, the weather was cold for this FL girl (35 degrees) but the 15mph wind is what really sucked. Made the “feels like” temp in the 20’s! The wind scared Jolene and I so much. After the Shamrock Marathon (my PR- 3:13, which would have been under 3:10 without the wind) andΒ Space Coast a few years agoΒ (which, ironically is where I met Jolene for the first time) we were a bit traumatized by the wind. <-holy long sentence!


The first half was more “fun” than the second half. You run through more parks and there seems to be more entertainment and music. I made the HUGE mistake of throwing away my gloves at mile 8 and my hands were frozen the entire time. So much so, that I couldn’t even take my 4th gel because my fingers didn’t work, haha.Β I went out a bit too fast because of the cold, but had pretty decent splits…


… decent splits until after mile 20- AKA running through the Wide World of Sports (so many damn turns and all on sidewalk) and then straight into a headwind (and more zig-zagging) until the finish. You literally run around the outside of the baseball field, which SEEMS like it would be cool, but definitely isn’t when you have to make so many sharp cuts to get there.

Wide World of Sports

Notice the thumbs- barely raised, haha.

I finished strong with a 7:34/pace the last mile and passed 3 women on the way in. I ended up placing 5th in my age group and 28th woman overall with a 3:22:51. That’s a little over a 4 minute post baby PR from The Towpath Marathon in October. I think the biggest things that got me there (other than flat out hard work) is that I’m not breastfeeding/pumping anymore (made it to a year though!) and most of the training wasn’t in the summer- although it was still plenty hot!

disney-marathonJolene finished in 3:11:57 (a 5 minute PR!!!). We both hit up the med tent after. Me for my blister, which was actually fine! It was just a bit sore from running 26.2 miles. ACTUALLY… my Garmin showed 26.5 miles and Jolene’s showed 26.45! Anyways… After grabbing food from the hotel breakfast, showering and climbing into bed, we had some bubbly to celebrate!
Post Disney Celebration

We hung out in bed, chatted, relived the race and caught up with our friends and family before heading over to Disney Springs for food! We went to Blaze Pizza first. We split the White Pizza with bacon and spinach and it was pretty tasty! I’d like a bit more crust- because you know I love warm bread, but it was good πŸ˜‰ Next up was Deluxe Burger. We split a cheeseburger and large fry. Again, super yummy in my tummy!


I know Todd will shake his head when he reads this, but I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S OVER!Β I always have post marathon blues and this time it’s hitting even harder- I’ll explain more later. I love the journey and training it takes to run a marathon and to PR and I’m always a bit sad when it’s over. At least I can end (for now) on a high note!!

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  1. Great job on the race! It sounded like crazy weather and a pretty crazy course too. I hear you on the post-race blues – I’m always signed up for another one like 3 days later!

  2. Congrats on an awesome race!! My sister in law and family just moved to Orlando and she’s trying to convince me to come run with her next year.

    • If you just run it for fun, then I say go for it! If you’re trying to PR or hit a certain time, I’d save your money, haha.

  3. What an amazing experience and AWESOME finish time, too! 20 degrees is a nice temp to run in… but not in shorts. You make me cold just looking at the pictures πŸ™‚ Florida must have had quite a cold streak. I’m so glad you got to run Disney – that’s like my dream race!

    • The temp was in the mid 30’s and my legs felt fine! It’s the wind chill (and stupidness on my part to throw my gloves) that got me! We joke that that was FL’s one day of winter, haha. I hope you get to run it some day!

  4. What an awesome experience (and, that finish time!). I’m in Iowa, so I’m used to cold temps and wind ….but that wind is certainly a game-changer! It can make a pleasant 35-degree run be downright cruel and painful.

    • Which is exactly what it did! I don’t know how you deal with the wind on a regular basis, but i guess people could say the same thing to me about the heat and humidity… the highs are 80;s this week and it’s January!!!

  5. That wind chill TOTALLY SUCKS. TOTALLY! Reminds me of when I used to snowboard every day. It might have been sunny and blue skies… But looks are deceiving because the wind would typically be chilly AS BALLS and the temps are typically a lot colder when it’s bright sunshine.

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