A Day in the Life…

…of Kara!!! As you know, Monday was Martin Luther King Day. A lot of companies had off, including Kara’s daycare, but ours (Todd and I work at the same place) did not. I am usually the one who ends up working from home or taking a vacation day to watch Kara, but this time Todd took off for a Daddy Daughter Day <3 I have to say, Kara is freaking AWESOME right now and I am totally loving this stage of her life. I was completely jealous of their extended weekend, which Todd knew, so he sent me pictures of their day. What a great husband!

Good Morning

Good Morning! Kara wakes up, get’s a diaper change (which results in her staying “naked”) and has a bottle and her favorite fruit, banana.

Kara Banana

Then she played a bit before it was time for a walk… It was still a bit chilly in the morning and the blanket came off half way through…

Kara Walk

After a walk is typically “snack” time, i.e. a bottle! She loves to share everything these days, including her bottle. It’s too cute…

Kara bottle

Next up… NAP TIME!!! If we’re lucky, she’ll go down for a morning nap. This day, Todd was lucky and Kara had an hour and a half nap. Sweet! Don’t mind the date and time, obviously it isn’t 2013, haha.

Kara Nap

Kara wakes up THE HAPPIEST baby. It’s probably my favorite part of the day with her. She just has a huge smile and babbles/talks with her sweet voice. I made this picture my phone and work/home laptop wallpaper, I love it so much.

Kara Post Nap

After nap time is lunch time! Kara’s favorite thing to do, other than walking, is eating. Just like her mama 😉

Kara Lunch

I know it looks like there’s no food here, but that’s because we have to pace her, haha. If you put down all the food she’ll shovel it into her cheeks like a squirrel. I left Todd with a grocery list, so they headed out shortly after…

Dressed Kara Ahh, finally in clothes, haha. If you can’t tell, we love a naked (with a diaper) baby around here! She’s only in clothes when we leave the house and when we get back, the first time we have to change her diaper, she’s outta her clothes again 😉

Kara PBJ

Peanut butter jelly time! Like father/mother like daughter! We’re raising her right. PB&J’s every day! In an ideal world, Kara would go down for an afternoon nap. On this day however, she played by her own rules. No nap = overly tired Kara = no fun! I’ll spare you the breakdown/crying pictures and show you a pic of my baby bird. Kid seriously loves to eat!

Kara Dinner

ALL veggies- spinach, zucchini/squash, green beans, broccoli, carrots. Carbs- sweet/reg potatoes, bread (obviously! she’s my child), pasta, rice. Fats- avocado and peanut/almond butter are the only one’s she’s had but she’ll eat an entire half of an avocado (probably a whole) if you left her and never turns down PB. She has been weird about proteins lately and will have a few pieces of chicken/salmon/tuna/pork or whatever but seems to prefer yogurt, cottage cheese or the baby food pureed meats. Who knows. The finale of dinner is prunes. Her little legs kick with joy when she sees the container, haha.

Depending on the night, it’s bath time (not every night), jammie time, reading time, then bed time! Good night moon…

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  1. She is adorable!!! You forgot to mention bacon! I love what a great eater she is which is so interesting because you didn’t rush solids.You two are such great parents!

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