Definitely Some Randoms…

I apologize in advance for the uber randomness of this post… but I guess most of my posts have been pretty random lately, haha. Enjoy!

It’s actually colder in Tampa this week! The overnight lows are in the mid 40’s and I’m loving the chance to dress Kara in some of the cute warmer clothes she has. Nana (my mom) got her the winky kitty sweater <3 It’s our routine to put shoes on in the morning on the first stair. She walks over to it and sits down, haha.

Morning Hair, Don't Care

Morning Hair, Don’t Care

Had this cup of cheesiness this week and it hit the spot. I like little portion controlled cups like this… or else I’d eat the whole box!

Annies Mac N Cheese

Nut butter shots are back in my life! I got a few of the Buff Bake single serving packets and I prefer to eat them squished out of the pouch. Mixed this one with some TJ’s almond butter… I love nut butters 🙂

Buff Bake Chocolate Chip

We did Valentine’s Day baby crafting Saturday and as usual, it was a fun time!

VDay Baby Crafting

My latest “thing” with veggies for dinner is sauteing them up with some crushed tomatoes and adding whatever spices are around. It always make for an interesting medley.

Veggie medley

Some nights, Kara just isn’t ready for bed, haha…


This week I should be moderately busy at work, which is a good thing. I hate being bored, but I hate being too busy too- unless it’s running involved 😉  I can’t believe it’s already (almost) February! Hope everyone has a great week! I’m linking up with Katie for MIMM and the Weekly Wrap!

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  1. One of my favorite things to do, when I have a random assortment of leftovers (which is rare cause my mouth just won’t quit chowing)… Is throwing them ALL together, like you did up there. I remember in college, I would throw green beans (canned) together with some canned tomato paste and chicken and be like BAM… Meal served. BUTTTT shockingly enough, it was friggin’ good! hahahahaha!

    But man, I do know that a piping hot bowl of cheesy…. Yeah, that’s the friggin’ BEST!

    • It could be almost any food and I would say, yes, haha! Although, I’m trying (as always) to cut the sugar… damn crack, that’s what it is!

  2. Who cares about the randomness in this post, I totally dig it. I would hate to say which part is the best, but Kara sitting on the first stair in that ADORABLE shirt would have to be my favorite! You guys have such a cute morning routine =]

    Danielle | <3

    • I’ve seen the Wild Friends nut butters but haven’t tried them… which is your fave? It’ll be my next purchase 🙂

  3. The Valentine Bee is so cute (and of course Kara is adorable)! I’ve never even heard of Buff Bake but I like the idea of the single serving packets. It would keep me from eating from the jar with a spoon…maybe. Thanks for linking, Heather!

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