DIY Cauliflower Sushi, Snacks and a Cute Baby (?)

Every weekend we go over to my parents to hang out. We LOVE spending time with Nana and Grandpa, and sometimes Aunt Kristin comes, too! Kara always walks over to the backdoor, points outside and says, uhhh uhhh. This past weekend it was raining and she was so pissed she couldn’t go out, haha. The rain did let up though and Kara had fun playing in the puddles!
Puddle PlayTodd and I got sushi for lunch on Valentines Day so we could have a non-baby date. It was delish, as always. I saw a post on IG for cauliflower rice sushi and I did my best to attempt it without the bamboo rolling mat. Doesn’t look pretty, but it tasted great! Seriously, you couldn’t taste the cauliflower At. All. I used the Eat Smart riced cauliflower, just nuked it to cook it and followed THIS recipe. I used smoked salmon, cuke and cream cheese.

Vday SushiCauliflower Sushi

No more pictures please! She is always on the move… always… and I love it. This is by far my favorite stage of hers. How cute are those jean shorts?

On the MoveMy work snacks lately have been on point! PB&J with the crusts eaten first- obviously! because the center is the best part! I’ve been eating this daily. And R.e.d.d Superfood Energy Bars that I got from Erica at EricaFinds. She was so sweet to send me a few of them and they are so good!

Work Snacks

Not sure if I can still call Kara a baby… She’s a year and almost 3 months old and looks like a kid. This was her Valentines Day outfit. I love the ruffle shorts. I actually love all the shorts I’ve recently bought her- Old Navy for the win! I guess she’ll always be my baby <3 Valentines Day

^^^My new favorite picture of Kara ^^^

My last fave is the 6th picture down on THIS post. Kara is in recovery mode from a wicked wet/congested cough that’s affected her breathing. She’s on a steroid but we’re giving her honey to help her throat. Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. I hope Kara is on the mend! Isn’t it the worst when our little ones are sick? Glad you were able to get her on steroids – how scary. And that Valentine’s Day outfit it too cute!!

    • Thanks, Melissa! Anything breathing related scares the crap outta me! A few days prior she threw up 8 times in 6 hours and I was just as scared… it’s been a rough past week, haha.

    • I think the sushi would’ve come out much nicer had I had the rolling matt. I can’t believe she’s that old either!

    • It was super easy! Even if you did it with rice. Although, as I mentioned, it would be MUCH easier with the mat, but was still doable. just didn’t look pretty, haha!

  2. It’s excellent you are feeding your baby sushi, Heather. At 15 months age, they get used to the different texture and tastes. We fed our two kids a diverse range of foods (including sushi) while they were babies. We found they are the least picky on food compared to their classmates now.

    • I didn’t share my sushi with Kara, but she does eat a HUGE variety of foods! I’m not sure how old she needs to be before she can have raw fish. She loved the seaweed paper and cauliflower rice though!

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