This is going to be an Instagram inspired post… so if you follow me there (and you should 😉 this may be redundant, #sorrynotsorry.

#LikeABoss… When I run on the treadmill in the mornings, Kara and Todd stop in to say Hello. It absolutely makes my morning, especially when she walks in with that shirt and looks up at me like that. SO Glad Todd captured that moment. Had a pretty great run that morning, too 🙂

Like A Boss

#HisandHersDrinks… I haven’t had a full glass of wine (or any other alcoholic beverage) since BEFORE we started trying to have Kara, so were talking at least 2 years. Can’t say I missed it that much, but it was good.

his and hers drinks

#RunGum… Erica sent me some Run Gum to try and while I’m not sure it did anything, it definitely didn’t hurt! The cinnamon tasted yummy and I DID have a good 8 mile run that morning, so who knows?!

Run Gum

#ARunnersDream… I walked into work to find Einstein Bagels for days! They were so fresh you could smell them before seeing them. I had an Asiago Cheese one and half a blueberry 😉

Einstein Bagels

#JustForFunsies… I ran a half marathon Sunday on my own, just for the heck of it. Wasn’t as fast as the Gasparilla Half last Sunday, but the weather was prefect and I couldn’t resist a good run!

Fun Half Marathon

#FamilyParkTime… on my drive home from my run, Todd text me saying they’d be at the park in our community in 5 minutes (they were on their morning walk) so of course I stopped there to hang out with my 2 fave people. I seriously love this baby/kid so much. And yes, she’s in her Like A Boss shirt again…

Park Time

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    • Ya, I’m not sure the gum did much, but it tasted good! Bagels (well, any fresh baked good really) are the way to my heart.

  1. Gah…that’s a lot of bagels! You must work at a large company. I’m curious to try the running gum, although I’m not sure I could run and chew gum at the same time. LOL. I’m guessing your sweet adorable little Kara IS the boss at your house. PS. I followed you in I/G. Thanks for linking, Heather!

    • It’s a decent sized company. I used to run with regular gum all the time, then it upset my tummy. This stuff didn’t at all though. And yes, Kara is the boss. Thanks for following! I’ll follow back 🙂

  2. RUN GUM?!?!?!?!?!?! UHHHHHH will it make me like running! I do love me some gum so perhaps I should look more into it! ha!

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